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December 6, 2016

Cheyenne Woods

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

BETHAN CUTLER: Ladies and gentlemen, my great pleasure to introduce Cheyenne Woods from Arizona in the US a. Welcome back to the OMEGA Dubai Ladies Masters, your second appearance here. You finished 20th two years ago in 2014, made a great impression, had a great time and went up to the top of the Burj Al Arab hitting golf balls. What are your goals this time.

CHEYENNE WOODS: I was really excited coming back to Dubai this year, so my goal really is to finish the year off strong. It's my last event of the year and it's a great place to finish the year. So my game has been pretty good the last few months, so I'm looking forward to playing. Just hopefully being able to play the course well and compete.

BETHAN CUTLER: So you got your first win on the LET two years ago in Australia. Do you feel your game is at that level and are you capable of notching your second victory?

CHEYENNE WOODS: Yeah, I do. It's always a good memory to have down in Australia and LET has always been a great tour to come out and be able to play. I was in the States the majority of the year this year, so it's nice to be able to come out here and play against the girls and see everybody again, so I'm looking forward to that.

Like you said, the win was two years ago and my game has been improving each and every week and each and every month and year, so hopefully I will be able to put myself in contention.

Q. The question we all want to ask --
CHEYENNE WOODS: I knew it was coming.

Q. You must have thought nobody was going to ask you that. But what a comeback, and I mean, he played -- we all thought he played exceptional golf during the week. What are your thoughts about him and what kind of interaction did you have before the tournament, and have you spoken to him or sent him some messages after the tournament?
CHEYENNE WOODS: I haven't spoken to Tiger in maybe a month or two. But to see his come back, and everyone was anticipating this week of golf that he just played, and so I was real excited to see him not only on the course but on the course playing well.

That's the Tiger we've all missed. I think everybody was happy to see the 50 pump and see Tiger making birdies and holing out bunker shots, because that's the Tiger that we all remember.

So it was really exciting for me to see, and then also, you know, as a golf fan, just to see great golf being played again. Tiger is to me the greatest golfer that's played, and the greatest golfer in my lifetime, at least. It was really nice to be able to see him play well again.

Q. Now that he's fit and hopefully getting back to old form, do you think he can beat Jack Nicklaus's record?
CHEYENNE WOODS: Yeah, I think -- yeah. From what we saw this past week, I think Tiger definitely has many more wins in him. So it's exciting to see, and you know, this next season will be really exciting to see him play, hopefully a full schedule or whatever he might put together. I think he definitely has a chance.

Q. Do you get some kind of vibe about your game, as well, from the fact that everyone is talking about him and is excited about him? When you go out to play now, do you think you will get some kind of something from the space -- will you play better this week?
CHEYENNE WOODS: I think the most -- I think the thing I get from watching Tiger play and watching Tiger play well is just being inspired. Just seeing how hard he's worked, and you know how hard he's worked into coming back from his injury and getting back into playing position, really just inspiration. To see him again playing great golf, and to know that no matter whatever he's gone through injuries, everything, that he's able to come back and be the greatest golfer that we know.

I think that inspires a lot of us golfers who grew up watching him play. I know a lot of us out here play golf because of him. So I think, like I said, just inspiration, and you know, belief that great golf is capable, no matter what you go through.

Q. Tell us something about your own season on the LPGA Tour. Were you happy with the way things panned out for you this year? I'm sure you had a lot more expectation than that.
CHEYENNE WOODS: My year was very up-and-down. I started the year off horrible, and it was really, really difficult to go through. After losing my card in my rookie season and having to go back to Q School, in this last season I started out really rough. I kind of had to pick myself back up, and I finished the year off really strong. I had one Top-10. My best finish was a sixth place in Portland and I really saw my game come together the best half the season, which was encouraging.

So it gave me faith in myself and faith in my game, that I'm able to be out there and compete and I figured out what it takes and what I need to do in order to play my best golf. I'm really excited for next season now.

Q. Is it a bit of a blessing and a curse to have Tiger as your uncle, because obviously the expectation is on you, and we end up talking about Tiger, as well.
CHEYENNE WOODS: I mean, I guess you could see it as a blessing and a curse, but for me it's all I've ever known. I mean, since I was ten years old, I've had this. This is kind of what comes with the territory of playing golf for me.

But I mean, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love being able to have Tiger as my uncle and have that resource of knowledge and that inspiration to look up to. But then, you know, you do have the added attention. But because I've had it for so long, I've sort of grown used to it, and you try to block it out and you figure out how to deal with it eventually.

Q. Do you have the same status on the LPGA next year?
CHEYENNE WOODS: I do. I finished I think like 95th on the Money List, so I retained my full status, so I'll play my full schedule next year.

Q. It's a busy-looking schedule. Have you thought already how you're going to plan that out?
CHEYENNE WOODS: I scoped it out a little bit. You know, there's a lot of new events this year, which is very exciting. I'll kind of pick and choose. There's a long stretch of events of almost three months straight. I might take a week off here, a week off there. So I'm looking forward to it, and it's always nice to have the option of what you want to play in and what you will play in. So I'm looking forward to it.

Q. And you have a slight advantage when it comes to the Scottish Open.
CHEYENNE WOODS: Yeah, I'm really excited to hear about the Aberdeen Scottish Open being turned into an LPGA Tour event. The European Tour has been there the last two years, and so it's great to be able to play there and have the experience at Dundonald Links, so I'm looking forward to going back this next year.

Q. What about clubs-wise? Have you settled on a manufacturer?
CHEYENNE WOODS: Not yet. I haven't made a definite decision. I've been trying some new things out here and there, and testing some clubs out on the range when rhyme home and stuff. Still haven't dialed in completely what I'm going to decide on.

Q. So are you still using the Nikes?
CHEYENNE WOODS: I have the Nike wedges and woods, and then this week I'll be playing Callaway irons and driver and putter.

Q. You've played this course before, what do you remember about it?
CHEYENNE WOODS: I enjoy playing this course. I only played in this event two years ago, the one time. But I do enjoy it, and I think that's partially because it somewhat reminds me of being home in Phoenix. It's kind of desert landscape out here with the dirt and stuff, but it reminds me of home, the weather, the scenery, minus the buildings. But being in Phoenix is pretty similar to this in terms of the style of golf course, so it's nice to be out here. It's familiar.

BETHAN CUTLER: What have you planned apart from playing golf this week?

CHEYENNE WOODS: I have many plans this week. I'm staying a few days after the event will finish, but throughout the week and next week, I'll be doing some sightseeing things here in Dubai, skydiving, hopefully a desert safari, and a whole bunch of stuff. My best friend is coming out here and we'll definitely enjoy what Dubai has to offer.

BETHAN CUTLER: Who is caddying for you?

CHEYENNE WOODS: My caddie is Reynolds Robinson, who has caddied for me for the last four years, which is nice. I think I'm going to convince him to go skydiving for me, also.

Q. When are you going?
CHEYENNE WOODS: I don't think until afterwards. I would love to go now but I don't think my parents or my caddie or my manager would like that.

Q. Have you gone skydiving before?
CHEYENNE WOODS: I've done it once before in Arizona for my 21st birthday. It's been a few years but I love the adrenaline and I love doing things like that, so whenever I have the chance, I'm always signing up for it.

Q. Do you think you would beat Trump and have you ever played any of his courses?
CHEYENNE WOODS: I've actually never played a Trump course before, and I don't know how good of a golfer he is, but I think I could take him, yeah.

BETHAN CUTLER: I think we're done. Thank you so much for coming in today and good luck with the tournament.

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