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November 22, 2016

Brad Underwood

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

North Carolina - 107, Oklahoma State - 75

THE MODERATOR: We have Coach Brad Underwood here. We'll start with an opening statement followed by questions.

COACH UNDERWOOD: Boy, did they punch us in the mouth early. And it was an uphill battle from there. And all the credit -- that's a very, very good basketball team.

If we play a better basketball team this year than them, boy, I hope it's deep into March, if we do, and we've got an opportunity to grow.

I think the only real positive for us was 19 offensive rebounds. It kept us in it. We had a night where we didn't shoot the basketball particularly well.

The interior part of our team is not scoring at the rim through post-ups. And we have to make shots to have those opportunities. I thought Jawun at different times was very effective. But again we got good looks early.

Leyton Hammond missed a couple. Jeffrey Carroll got us going, but I thought it was really important to try to get it to 10 at half. And we were right there. Our effort on the glass kept us in it. But they jumped us on right at the second half and from then it was pretty much game was never in doubt.


Q. Can you talk about the rebounding margin?
COACH UNDERWOOD: Yeah, it's a problem. The only thing that I'm excited about a little bit is one of the key stats for us is field goal attempts. We had eight more field goal attempts. We had 19 offensive rebounds.

They're the best rebounding team in the country. They're getting close to 60 percent of their misses back, which is an alarming number.

We take great pride in trying to get close to 40 percent of our misses back. That keeps you year in, year out in the top 10.

And they've got so many weapons. And I thought Justin Jackson was just off the chart tonight. He was tremendous. Joel was great. And those two guys made it very difficult. But we're not going to win when we have five assists. But the rebound margin was only kept close because our kids battled on the glass, on the offensive end.

Q. Can you talk about the Maui experience, what it's been like, the whole experience?
COACH UNDERWOOD: I've said this many times, this is the premier event. And for one reason. We open with UConn. We get North Carolina. And now we get Georgetown. And there's no other event, and I'll argue with anybody, there's no event out there that puts eight really good teams in an event.

Most of them are two or three or four and you get a couple of cupcakes. Okay. I get it. This is elite because of it. Now, you put it here and it's made special in part because of the location.

Not everybody gets to come here. And it will be a memory that will last a lifetime for our guys, and I hope Dave calls and wants us to come back at some point, because I'm always going to accept that invitation, because I know who we're getting in this tournament.

And for us, me taking over in our first year, to be involved in this tournament, it's great for our program.

And the way this tournament is organized, all of the volunteers, all the workers, fabulous. Everything has been first class, and right fully so and there's a reason it's the premier event in college basketball.

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