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November 22, 2016

Eric Bovaird

Sam Daly

Kiran Shastri

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Connecticut-93, Chaminade-82

THE MODERATOR: Coach Bovaird is joined by Sam Daly and Kiran Shastri.

COACH BOVAIRD: I thought our guys played their butts off. They played really, really tough for 37 minutes of the game. Really proud of the effort and the execution on a lot of things. It was the last three minutes for -- I think Purvis got a couple of wide-open threes to close out the game. I think that was the difference.

Q. Guys, it seemed like the threes were falling pretty good for everybody today. How much was the confidence growing as the threes were dropping and you guys were hanging super close there until really the very end, like Coach said? Can I get that from both players, please.
SAM DALY: Our core guys have been together for a couple of years now. We know we're good shooters. It makes it a lot easier for me to drive being surrounded by good shooters. That makes it easier to pass. It's always been there. Just that time it started dropping for us.

KIRAN SHASTRI: When you have good players like Sam and Austin that are able to drive and draw defenders, shooters that are able to get open shots, and we have confidence in our players, our coach to hit them. When we get the shot, got to put it in, and we were feeling it today for a while.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, guys. We'll dismiss the players back to their team and take questions for Coach.

Q. Coach, looking at Tennessee tomorrow, coming off today, how much confidence do you guys gain from this, especially after the tough one last night?
COACH BOVAIRD: We knew last night we were going to have to play a near-perfect performance to contend with them. It wasn't any secret as we were watching on film and so forth.

We had a chance today. We knew we had to also execute really well. We're going to have to execute hard tomorrow. Tennessee is a scrappy team. They get after it. We do have the confidence. I'm hoping we're able to get some rest because I played three or four of the guys a lot, a lot of minutes. We're going to need our bench to step up a little bit and provide some valuable minutes.

I tried to get the most out of our starters that I could tonight.

Q. Coach, what do you feel like is ideal rotation-wise for you guys? You normally play closer to eight or nine or something like that?
COACH BOVAIRD: I would love to play nine, but right now I kind of have the confidence in eight guys. I know I only played seven tonight. Our eighth guy kind of struggled a little bit last night. I'm going to talk to him today and make sure his confidence is up and ready to go tomorrow. We need at least eight guys. The tempo we usually play and we push, we need to play at least eight guys.

Q. Coach, what did you think about the stress before those kind of late threes happened for them? They seemed like they had a lot of success working the ball inside. A couple of dunks back to back.
COACH BOVAIRD: They were coming off of screens low and catching the ball and driving it in the middle. Our main part of our defense is to funnel people towards the baseline, towards the corner, and we can't let people catch the ball and get into the middle. As soon as they catch the ball, if they can get into the middle, then our defense basically collapses.

Now, we need to work on a solution for that, but we've worked on all season long catching and funneling to the baseline to the corner.

I thought our guys should have shot the gap quicker instead of trailing screens, but I'm not sure if that answers your question. Something we'll work on and get better at that.

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