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November 21, 2016

Rick Barnes

Shembari Phillips

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Wisconsin - 74, Tennessee - 62

THE MODERATOR: Coach Barnes is joined by Shembari Phillips.

COACH BARNES: I really like our team. I thought that, as you would expect, so many young guys coming out a little bit jumpy at the start of the game. I thought they showed some terrific mental toughness fighting back into it and against an experienced team.

If you look at the game, the ebbs and flows of the game would go to the rebounding. When they had control of it they were really rebounding. When we were getting back in the game and actually took the lead, it was because of rebounding.

And they turned the ball over early in the game. We turned it over late in some ways that we shouldn't turn it over. But overall I thought we showed a lot of mental toughness coming back and getting back in the game. But yet we've got to learn how to win coming down the stretch. There were too many guys that put their head down and tried to do it themselves, [instead of] just really depending on their teammates, play together and execute.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Shembari.

Q. What do you think went wrong during that opening stretch where Wisconsin jumped out 12-0? And what were you guys doing right when you answered the way you all did?
SHEMBARI PHILLIPS: I just think we came out a little lackadaisical. We have to come out just ready to play from the jump. Don't let other teams jump out on us first, be the enforcer, and dictate what happens, and we'll be all right.

We turned it around when we started playing with some more enthusiasm, and just more effort. That's what it all boils down to. So once we got that part down, we were pretty easy going. But, like Coach said, we've got to learn how to finish, learn how to sustain a lead and we'll be all right. This will help us in the long run.

Q. Shembari, can you talk about how encouraging it was to come back from that early deficit?
SHEMBARI PHILLIPS: It was very encouraging. As people know, we're a very young team. So we had to fight through adversity a little bit today.

Once we came back from that huge down, we gotta learn how to keep it. We've got to learn how to continue to fight and we'll be all right. This will help us in the long run.

Q. Rick, how concerned are you with Jordan Bone's foot and how long has that been a concern?
COACH BARNES: It just flared up on him a couple days ago. He thought he was okay, but as he went out there he just felt like he started hurting again. So it will be day to day, I think anytime with those injuries. We'll just wait and see how it goes. Something in his foot is bothering him. They'll figure it out.

Q. How did the zone effct the team?
COACH BARNES: Again, I don't know if it's any more effective other than we made two really poor decisions against it. Two turnovers were pretty tough. They just weren't good passes. [We were] trying to force it in there. And then I thought Lamonte's inexperience showed up when he just held the ball. He stopped the ball from moving as opposed to moving the ball. We knew they could zone. We worked on zone offense.

There's nothing that I don't think anybody can throw at us right now that we don't have something for, but it's a matter of executing. Hubbs missed a big play against it. We got it inside early. That was a big play, but the fact is we didn't make -- the two turnovers were huge.

I thought the big play of the game was when Kwe Parker turned it over out front and let them run through that. I thought that was a momentum swing.

But, again, the start of the game, I don't think our guys were lackadaisical. I think they're young and I think they need to understand how to start a game as well as finish a game. And believing in what we're doing totally and we still had way too many breakdowns defensively ourselves.

But Wisconsin has a nice team. They've got experience. I thought in the last four minutes that experience showed up for them in the fact they got what they were looking for and were patient enough to get that done where we didn't, especially against their zone.

Q. Question off mic.
COACH BARNES: We're a small team. When you look at it, most good teams, if you're a top-ranked team in the country most of them have the inside outside attack and so like I think anybody you play, you've got to decide how you want to play it, and we turned them over early.

They had 18 turnovers against -- we had one guy really over 6'10". We were swarming, breaking the ball loose a little bit. Didn't get enough out of that transition, we missed a couple layups in transition that we need to finish.

They worked really hard at not fouling. And I think that's obvious when you look at we only shot six free throws. They're back in there, they're daring you to shoot the quick 3-ball and they don't want to foul.

And we were obviously trying to drive the ball to get fouled, to get to the free-throw line. But they have great balance. They are an extremely well-coached team and they've been together and they know what they're looking for.

Q. Question about Detrick.
COACH BARNES: I'm not sure they did anything different. They will make subtle adjustments, obviously, but I just thought we didn't move the ball the way we needed to in the second half.

I just thought we wanted to put the ball inside. I think they play behind in the post. We think Grant and Kyle can score there. They didn't get the ball enough.

I'm looking at the shots for our post guys. They didn't get enough opportunities to see if they could score. And we need to be better there playing inside/out because, again, we could have raised up any point in time we wanted to because they're going to let you shoot the 3 early. And we did settle some early but we didn't have the great movement we needed either.


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