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November 19, 2016

Kei Nishikori

London, England, United Kingdom

N. DJOKOVIC/K. Nishikori

6-1, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. If you could go back in time to yesterday's match with Murray, would you fight for 100%?

Q. Is it just a question that you are tired, more tired, after yesterday's match?
KEI NISHIKORI: Well, yeah, I mean, I wasn't thinking too much yesterday about going semis. There is points, if he wins, you know, you get prize money. I just played full 100% yesterday.

Yeah, was tough rest, especially at the night, late. I have to get motivated again today's match. Physically it wasn't easy.

Well, I mean, today I think Novak played pretty awesome. Well, nothing I can complain. But I wasn't ready to play against Novak I think physically.

Well, yeah, I tried to play good tennis, but I couldn't today.

Q. Tonight is a hard loss, but the year has been in general good for you. How do you feel in that perspective?
KEI NISHIKORI: Yeah, I think it was one of the best year for me. Play a lot of matches, you know, beating those top players this year a lot. I get a lot of confidence this year.

Maybe this is not the finish what I wanted to finish, but still I think it was good year.

Q. You've played both Andy and Novak this week. Who would be your tip for the final?
KEI NISHIKORI: I think physically Novak is much fresh, you know, going to tomorrow. Well, I think it's going to be a good match.

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