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November 20, 2016

Henrik Stenson

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. You've done it again, tell us about the feeling of satisfaction, achieving what you've just done today.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, I'm very pleased to get my name on this trophy once again. It's been a great year, the best year of my career. I've always thought it was going to be hard to Top-2013, but I think I've done that this year. Maybe not to the level of golf over six months, but certainly with the highlights of winning The Open, the Olympics and managed to win The Race to Dubai again. So it's been a great year and it feels lovely to finish in this way.

Q. Probably was a time on The European Tour, when to win a major just about guaranteed you winning this title of European No. 1. What does it tell us about the Tour now, that you had to fight right to the end to get the job done?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, I was pushed right to the end. I always knew it was going to be a tough race to finish it off here in The Final Series. Luckily for me, I didn't really win it this week here in Dubai or last week in South Africa; it was the second-place finish at HSBC that put me at the top of The Race to Dubai, and I managed to hold the other guys off coming in here to the end.

I knew I needed one really good week, and I managed to knock that one out early at HSBC. It's been more of a cruise and seeing what the other guys do. Even though Alex won last week, I still had a healthy lead and no one really threatened it too much this week.

Q. You looked at that trophy at the start of the week and you said the names on the trophy meant an awful lot to you. Not everyone can see all these names, but just talk us through that, why it means so much.
HENRIK STENSON: You think I can remember them all; we've got Ballesteros, we've got Langer, we've got Faldo, and then of course in the later years, we're more familiar with the names who won it; and Norman is on there. It shows a lot of history. To win it once is very satisfying and to win it two times is even more. So a lovely season, and it is great to top it off like this.

Q. So you have that trophy and you have the Claret Jug. Are you going to have them wrapped up especially for Christmas?
HENRIK STENSON: No, I don't think I need that, but I'm very pleased because I've got two DP World Tour Championships and I've got two Race to Dubai titles. I have my home in Sweden and I have my home in America, so I can spread it out and make it look good in both places.

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