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November 20, 2016

Matthew Fitzpatrick

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. First of all, congratulations. It has not been long since you've turned pro, it seems like yesterday, but it looks like you're quite enjoying this.
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: Yeah, absolutely. Love playing golf obviously but it's been a long year for me, and I've got to admit, this is just icing on the cake as a year goes, and yeah, it's been a great one.

Q. Did you know what was happening with Tyrrell bogeying the last?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: I sort of had a rough idea. I sort of saw that he had missed a putt and there were a few groans in the crowd. But it wasn't till I saw him really go up there and I realised, saw the scores and what I needed for the win.

Tyrrell, he's a great lad, he was just coming down and saw him as I was walking into the scorer's and he said congratulations. For someone to do that after he's been in contention is very special. He's a credit to the tour.

Q. You've moved up to the top 30 in the world, and you're the DP World champion; what does this win mean to you?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: It means the world. To win one of these Final Series events is really special, and this one in particular, obviously the last tournament of the year. For me to win on the final week of the year is special.

Q. What does it mean to you to win in style like this?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: Words can't describe it. It's not going to sink in for awhile. But you know, it's been a special year and then to end it like this with a win is amazing.

Q. Fantastic to finish in style?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: Yeah, it's lovely. 4-footers aren't normally what you want for the win but to finish it off like that makes it a lot sweeter.

Q. We heard Nicolas Colsaerts talking about some of your shots out there; some lovely saves well the birdies you're making.
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: Got to give a lot of credit to my caddie. He's kept me level all week. That's sort of the attitude I've been trying to work on for the last few months is not getting too worked up about anything and staying patient, and it's paid off.

Q. You wouldn't necessarily have said the Earth Course that would suit you as an outsider looking in, so what is it about the course and the way you play it?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: I think we've just got a great plan. You've got to hit your approach shots in close, and if you don't do that, it's not easy to score. This week has been fantastic.

Q. A wonderful start to The European Tour the first year out, and to build on that and improve year-on-year, that's got to be satisfying, as well, hasn't it?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: Yeah, it's phenomenal. It's been a great two years, and yeah, the big thing for me now is five weeks off, I'm not touching a golf club and can't wait.

Q. And what do you do in that five weeks? Can you celebrate?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: I'm going to allow myself to, yeah. It's going to be a great five weeks not doing anything, just relaxing.

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