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November 18, 2016

Chris Kermode

Guillaume Ducruet

Thierry Maissant

Daniil Medvedev

London, England, United Kingdom

THE MODERATOR: Chris is going to talk a little bit about our renewal with Tecnifibre and the ATP World Tour.

CHRIS KERMODE: First of all, on behalf of the ATP World Tour, thank you for being here. We're renewing our amazing agreement with Tecnifibre for another three years through to 2020. Thank you very much for being our tour partners, the official string here as well.

Throughout the year, Tecnifibre, one of the things we're looking at for brands, is about having a brand, a very strong tennis brand, traditional tennis brand, but also they're innovative. They're doing a huge amount of work with the younger kids throughout the whole year. That is a major focus for us to actually have a brand that activates as opposes to just wanting to have branding around a tennis court.

This activation part, being involved with tennis players on a daily basis, is one of our major reasons for extending contracts with partners, because they want to be part of the ATP World Tour success story.

Many thanks. We're very pleased to announce our extended partnership. Thank you very much.

THIERRY MAISSANT: First thing I would like to say to you, Chris, is thank you. Thank you because since early we have been working together for four years. We have always appreciated the relationship and the efficiency of the relations that we have always maintained during these four years.

I think we have very good teams. For me it's so important to have this cooperation. I think it's probably one of the reasons why we are so happy to renew this partnership.

Besides this, we have four main targets in this partnership. One is the communication program that we are developing. I'm focused on the young generation of players. I think it's very important for Tecnifibre. I think during these last four years we have been working very well together. I think we will see the success a little later with Daniil.

Second thing is you also help us with this program to develop our efficiency and performance to supply and to improve the equipment, racquet and strings, that we try to supply to the maximum number of ATP players. We are now I think one of the four best brands in supplying the top players. We are moving pretty well.

Number three is there is a chance we have to continue to improve our expertise for stringing services, as we do here during this fantastic tournament. We enjoy to do that.

The last point is, of course, a co-branding program, which has been successful, working on the racquet, strings, accessories, string machines. I think step by step we are developing really a strong line of good image and premium quality products. For us it's a good motivation and we are very happy to continue.

CHRIS KERMODE: Thank you very much.

GUILLAUME DUCRUET: So in addition to this program, we also have a Young Guns Contest program, you all know hopefully, which is a challenge, a contest between four kids, four players, between 150 and 250 in the world.

The four contenders this year were Daniil Medvedev, Mitchell Krueger from USA, Gregoire Barrere from France, and Omar Jasika from Australia.

After a big battle, very, very close, during four months, in September we finally decided that Daniil was the winner because he jumped from 329 in the world to this week 98. Basically he got his main draw ticket for Australia, which is good, and also improved his exposure on social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

During the four months, Daniil has been very efficient on court and off court. First of all, I wanted to congratulate Daniil for his victory and also because now he's part of the Next Generation Program of the ATP. He was born in the 1996. He is one of the best young players in the world now, with Taylor Fritz, Frances Tiafoe, many other guys like Zverev. He is part of this Dream Team that hopefully will take over the next eight seeds here in the next couple years.

I want to say thank you very much for this job you've done for us.

DANIIL MEDVEDEV: I would like to thank you, Guillaume, for the help you bring to me and for the words you say now. I would like to thank Tecnifibre and the ATP for the help they gave me, especially with this contest.

What this contest brought to me, first of all, I broke the top 100 last week because of this contest, because it was a big competition between the four of us. To win it, I had to play good every week. So I was trying hard.

Also it improved my social media accounts, because there was a big promoting of them. I tried my best to make my fans happy, to show everyone that I can be good outside and funny outside the court. I tried my best in it.

Also it was very important for me to win my first challenger title. It was the last week of the contest. It was a tight battle between four of us. When I won the challenger title, I think I am the only one out of us four that won the challenger title. It was last week. I think it made a big influence on the result.


DANIIL MEDVEDEV: And I also wanted to say that this money that I will receive as the winner will help me a lot on the tour for the next year because I can invest it in my future career for the coaches, physios. I can take maybe a physio to some of the tournaments, spend money on the ticket and everything. It will really help me a lot. I want to thank Tecnifibre and ATP again for this big opportunity for me. Thank you.

THIERRY MAISSANT: Your performance has been fantastic this year. We are very proud at the Tecnifibre team to offer you today this check of $50,000, to really congratulate you for this fantastic performance.

DANIIL MEDVEDEV: Thank you very much.

THIERRY MAISSANT: Also I would say congratulations for your social media performance. We did very well also.

DANIIL MEDVEDEV: Yeah, I tried my best.

THIERRY MAISSANT: Congratulations.

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