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November 17, 2016

Jamie Murray

Bruno Soares

London, England, United Kingdom


6-3, 3-6, 10-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Would you rather win the No. 1 spot by winning a match or...
JAMIE MURRAY: Don't really care.

BRUNO SOARES: No, I care. Finish for us tomorrow. It's easier.

JAMIE MURRAY: That's true.

BRUNO SOARES: I don't know actually. I'm joking. So whatever happens happens. Like we said the whole time, we got to do our thing here. I mean, before wanting to be No. 1, we want to win the tournament. By that we got to win the semifinals. That's what we're here for. We have to focus on our side. I think it's the most important thing.

Q. Jamie, did you sort of know what you needed to do ahead of the match or do you try and not think about, I need to win a set or...
JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah, we knew we had to win I think seven games, which is a weird kind of mentality to go into the match. We played great the first two matches. We won two matches, two sets. We still hadn't done enough to go through.

It was a bit odd. Of course, we really wanted to win because we wanted to get the points to try to get closer to No. 1. Mentally, I don't know, it was an odd situation for us.

I think we did well to win. We played some good stuff at the right moments. Really happy to have won three matches, be through to the semis.

Q. What might you have thought or said if someone had told you at the beginning of the season that you and your brother would both reach No. 1 and possibly have a chance to end the year as the top-ranked singles and doubles player?
JAMIE MURRAY: I don't know, because it's not something I really thought about, to be honest. I mean, look, I entered the year with a new partner. Of course was hoping it was going to go well. I really thought that it would.

I mean, we got off to a great start. We were kind of, yeah, just focusing on our games, our tournaments. I mean, to be honest, it was probably harder for Andy than us 'cause Djokovic is, like, winning everything. To get past him was going to take a monumental effort to do that.

Doubles was a lot more open, I felt. A lot of the teams very close in level. I guess the French guys kind of dominated for a while, especially the first half of the season. But, you know, we won the right tournaments that kept us in the hunt for it. Yeah, we got a chance this week. We'll be doing our best over the weekend to make that happen.

Q. Jamie, you seem to peak at the right times in the big events. Why is that?
JAMIE MURRAY: I think our game's better over the longer system, I think. We're making a lot of returns, we're giving ourselves chances. I kind of feel with the scoring system on the ATP Tour where it's just sudden death deuce, sometimes guys who are kind of going for it all the time, like, that's not our style, but it can pale for them because you can hit one good shot and that can get you a game or into a match tiebreaker or whatever, where we play the percentages more. I think over the longer format, that pays off.

That's shown in our results this year.

Q. The club players who follow tennis, many of them will play with a different partner every week. You play the whole year with the same partner. How long does it take you before you and Bruno or anyone else you play with feel totally comfortable?
JAMIE MURRAY: For us, it was about 12 matches, then we had a Grand Slam title. I think we were kind of feeling pretty good about ourselves.

There's no formula. I mean, of course you always enter into a new partnership with the best intentions. You have to work at it. I think you have to pick someone who I think will suit your game and can kind of bring out the best in you and vice versa.

We said it all year, I think we always have, even when we're not playing well, have a game style that will win us points and keep us in matches and give us opportunities to win. It's shown that in the big tournaments this year.

Q. Back to the No. 1 thing for you and your brother, what's it like to be able to have that opportunity here in London?
JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah, it's cool, really cool. I mean, I wouldn't care if it was in London or wherever. Just the opportunity to have the chance to do it is something special. I'm sure the three of us are going to do our best over the next three or four days to try to be there at the end of it.

Q. Do you feel any home-court advantage here?
JAMIE MURRAY: I think we get a good crowd, get good crowd support. I think, yeah, that obviously helps. I would hope that we would be more supported than other players because it's in our backyard.

But, no, it's cool. It's nice for us to play in London, in the UK, in front of friends, family, our people I guess. It always gives you that extra edge, I think.

Q. Is your dad here?
JAMIE MURRAY: He was here, yeah. He had to go back. He's going to come down the weekend.

Q. Jamie, you will have watched David Beckham lead Man United to a number of triumphs. What was it like having him there watching you do so well?
JAMIE MURRAY: Whatever. I'm just happy we won, to be honest. I mean, it's cool. He obviously likes tennis. His son's really into it as well. I think he's a big fan.

It's good for tennis, when guys like that come out to watch the events. There's been a lot of people here this week, famous faces from the sporting world. It's good for us. I think it gives everyone a little buzz. It's cool. I think it's good for the sport.

Q. Did you meet David Beckham today or not?
JAMIE MURRAY: No, no, no.

Q. The individual ranking is also on the line tomorrow. Are you guys going to be watching the match? Big one for you, obviously.
BRUNO SOARES: Yeah, I'm going to watch. I've been watching everything because I like. Tomorrow is going to be the same thing.

We're going to play the opponents. It's going to be our opponents. The other one is something in line. I think it's going to be a great match. It's nice to watch doubles. It's good for us to relax and enjoy the drama.

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