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November 17, 2016

Shanshan Feng

Naples, Florida

Q. As I recall, you won here a couple years ago, right?
SHANSHAN FENG: Three years ago, yes.

Q. Do you have similar feelings with your play as three years ago?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I would say for somehow the course is playing longer compared to three years ago. I don't know, maybe because I'm getting older I'm hitting shorter. (Laughter.)

I would say of course I had some very good memories here. Last two years I really struggled here, so coming into this week I didn't think about anything.

I mean, recently I've been playing well, so just wanted to keep up with the good playing. That's it.

Q. You had mentioned the putting. Were there any particular putts today that you remember of a longer distance on any of the holes?
SHANSHAN FENG: 1st hole.

Q. About how long?
SHANSHAN FENG: 30 feet maybe.

Q. Oh. Probably got you in a good...
SHANSHAN FENG: Yeah, 1st hole.

Q. Any others that you remember?

Q. 16?
SHANSHAN FENG: Similar. 25 feet.

Q. Okay. What did you do with your week off?
SHANSHAN FENG: Nothing. I was in Orlando but I didn't do much. I only practice three days.

But I think after the Asian wave, I mean, we're just so tired. I think I needed the rest.

I feel actually pretty fresh coming into this week.

Q. Only thing I was going to ask you is you mentioned firm greens. Does that play into your strategy with your putting, that, okay, let me get it close and let my putter do the work from there then or...
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I'm normally a pretty good ball-striker, but I'm not one of the longest hitters. For me it would be hard to really stop the balls on these greens.

But, I mean, I think the pin positions are still like reasonable. Like it's not like maybe three yards over the water or over the bunker. It still gives us room to actually land it in the certain spot and have a birdie chance. Yeah.

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