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November 16, 2016

Gael Monfils

London, England, United Kingdom

THE MODERATOR: Unfortunately, Gael Monfils has to pull out of the ATP World Tour Finals. He's going to explain why.

GAEL MONFILS: Definitely I can't play for tomorrow because I still feel worse and worse, my ribs, that I had lately. Yeah, I feel that even yesterday was tough in the game. I feel unfortunately today I couldn't be feeling great and couldn't practice, so I just decide that I couldn't play tomorrow.


Q. How did you sustain the injury? How did it happen?
GAEL MONFILS: In Stockholm tournament, I hurt myself in Stockholm tournament. From then, you know, I just start to practice last Monday.

You know, I knew it's going to be six weeks, they told me, of rest. I try to make it. I couldn't really make it.

Q. Do you think if you had won one of your first two matches, your decision might have been different?
GAEL MONFILS: I guess with time it will be the same decision at the end. I think it wasn't a matter about matches.

Q. Your season is done. Can you reflect a little bit on it.
GAEL MONFILS: I'm very happy first to be here in the top eight. I think it's the greatest season I ever done. I can say also I missed quite a lot. Big occasion to play.

It give me more hope for next year. Definitely I had a lot of big change for me. I think for the new season I will have new changes and hopefully I can be even stronger next year.

Q. How disappointing is it given this is the first time you've managed to reach this event?
GAEL MONFILS: You know, you work so hard for this moment, then not be able play your best, is a huge deception for me. To not be able to finish it, I attempted to play in two matches, I have a couple of stuff I wanted to show. I'm disappointed.

But, as I say, it will give me more strength for next year.

Q. Who do you tip to win the title and why?
GAEL MONFILS: I guess it's a tough question because is very open. We saw Andy's great game and Kei. Novak is playing good, too. Yesterday was a great game against Milos.

I guess those guys, it's going to be the best one that is going to pull out the Sunday. But it's a tricky question because I see those four guys, the top four, they are very strong.

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