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September 19, 1998

Pat Hurst

Kelly Robbins


Q. Pretty flush. Two down and you guys make one hell of a rally.

KELLY ROBBINS: Yeah, Pat and I just did the right thing at the right time. We got off to kind of a slow start, things weren't going, but we hung in there. We knew we were going to have opportunities if we just came to each other. Pat hit some really great shots on the backside and left me some good four-footers and I only figured I'd let her make that last one there.

Q. Pat, did you ever dream you'd be 3-0 in your first SOLHEIM CUP?

PAT HURST: Never thought about it. And this is just a dream come true for me and I'm enjoying every step of it. I can't wait to get out for my next match.

Q. Ladies, thank you. Congratulations.

KELLY ROBBINS: Thanks, you guys

Q. How did you keep your emotions in check, Pat?

PAT HURST: It's much better today, can you tell? I mean, yesterday was a little bit of a breakdown, but today I feel much better.

Q. How nerve-racking is it out there?

PAT HURST: You have your ups and downs, but Kelly and I stayed -- we stayed patient out there and that was the key.

Q. What do you think of this enormous lay down?

PAT HURST: You know, I don't know much about the leads. We're just playing one match at a time and just seeing how it goes at the end.

Q. Was it a five-footer, five feet --

PAT HURST: No. Felt like a 20-.

Q. You said the other day that you wanted to make the last putt?

PAT HURST: Yes, that was nice, wasn't it?

Q. How tough a putt was it?

PAT HURST: You know, it was -- you don't think about it. You pretty much have got to go as usual and I just -- my caddie and I lined it up and just went about it and knocked it in.

Q. How did you guys win 16 to take the lead?

PAT HURST: Kelly, actually, had a 3-iron off the tee -- I think that was 15, wasn't it? It was 15. She hit a 3 off the tee and left me about a hundred yards in and I had a little wedge and knocked it to about four feet and she knocked in the putt. She putted great today and that kept us in the ball game.

Q. On your approach, Pat, did you have the right stick?

PAT HURST: It was a little bit in between and I felt like, if I hit 7, it might be too much and it would be a little hot. So I elected to go for the 8 and was hopping to hit it perfect. I just missed a little bit. But it stayed up on top, which was a blessing for us.

Q. Glad you had a chance to putt after that shot?

PAT HURST: I didn't care what was going to happen, as long as we were going to win. Kelly has been putting great, so I was hoping to knock it out there because I know her light putting has been really good. So it just -- you know, it just happened that I was -- had the opportunity to make that putt and I did.

Q. You can see Juli's leg here -- (Inaudible.)

PAT HURST: Really awesome. Just awesome.

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