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November 17, 2016

Henrik Stenson

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. I've had watched you play a lot of golf, wasn't your best day, even par. How do you feel?
HENRIK STENSON: Like you're very correct in your assessment. It wasn't my best day. I played very average. I had a lot of in-between numbers out there, and I'd say the good putts I hit didn't go in and the bad ones certainly didn't.

Not much happening out there, one bogey, one birdie. I think it's been a while since I played a round with only one birdie. Just got to rest up and try and make a few more tomorrow.

Q. Rory not off to a good start; Danny, you kept an eye on him today, you're right there with Danny. How hard is it to keep the big show, the DP World Tour Championship and The Race to Dubai, how hard is that to keep that out of your mind?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, I'm just trying to play a good tournament, and obviously I'm ahead, the other guys got to play better than I do. But still, I want to finish high up there, because that's going to make it harder for them.

So no one made a big move today, but it's still a long ways to go. It's a race and not a sprint. Yeah, got plenty of time to make up some ground and I'm going to try harder tomorrow.

Q. You're only six behind and you didn't play anywhere near your best. How low can you go around here? You've done it before.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, just have to play better if we want to shoot a good number. But I don't know, I've shot 64s around here before, so that's always a possibility.

Q. What would it mean to you to win this, and sit around the Christmas tree at Christmas with this and The Open Championship, the Claret Jug?
HENRIK STENSON: It would be a nice Christmas. I'm going skiing with the kids, so I don't think I'll bring the trophies, but it would be nice to have them both back home. I'm hanging in there. I'm trying my hardest, don't you worry.

Q. Tough conditions?
HENRIK STENSON: I wouldn't say it's super tough but we always get that afternoon little breeze. It was on the move and it turned around a few times there. Right around 3, 4, 5, it was picking up a little bit but you can't say that it's really tough scoring conditions. I'd say I played very average, as a general kind of evaluation of my game, and I hit a couple of good iron shots and didn't really close.

You know, the couple of good putts didn't go in, and of course, the bad ones normally don't find the bottom of the cup. It was just average all across and a lot of in between numbers. So 7 is not enough and 6 is always going to be a bit long.

Yeah, I stayed out of trouble most of the day but nothing too exciting either to play or to watch. Hopefully can turn that around and play a better round tomorrow.

Q. Difficult pin positions today?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, a couple. But there's always a couple of tricky pins out there. But like I said, if you're in between yardages, it's always going to be hard to hit it close. So yeah, I had a couple of decent swings out there but never really got anything going. Kept the round together. A bit sour not to get the birdie on the last. I hit a decent shot in there and I went for the straight putt and it was always a chance it was going to break a little bit and it did and it just nudged out. Just got to play better tomorrow if we want to shoot a better score.

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