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September 20, 1998

Kelly Robbins


Q. You've been struggling a little bit on the LPGA TOUR coming into this week. What did you tell yourself and how did you turn it around at the SOLHEIM CUP?

KELLY ROBBINS: Well, the last month or so, I just kind of really wanted to be prepared for this week. I knew that I was having a tough year out there and, for some reason, I just couldn't get into the game out there. But I knew that if I worked hard -- like I have all year -- that things might be on for me eventually. You know, to be able to come in here and be prepared, I'm really pleased about that. Obviously, I hit some poor shots on 14, 15, that put me in places that you just can't -- can't be and hit a great shot into 16, made a good putt there and then played this hole probably the best I could play it. Obviously, getting the point at that point in time was very key, I think, for all of us.

Q. European strategy early was to put their best golfers out and try and do exactly what they did. But now it's sort of coming back to haunt them.

KELLY ROBBINS: Well, you know, I'm sure Pia just had to do whatever she thought was possible and I'm sure she made the best decision that she wanted to make out there today. She had to come out strong and then she had maybe hoped that the girls that aren't so experienced could hang in there in the end. For a while there, it looked like it was going to work. There is still some golf being played out there. I don't think -- you know, it's never over until we get that final point.

Q. Of the Americans who went out a little later, was there ever a sense of panic or did you feel fairly confident in knowing, well, we're still very much in this and very much in control?

KELLY ROBBINS: You know, I think we were very confident all week. Everyone has been playing really well. Judy probably had a toss up as to who she was going to put when. The team is just so deep -- like you say -- the girls coming in later, if she felt if something did happen, say, as it did happen earlier where the Europeans got a few points, that maybe they could maybe hang in there in the end and Judy knew that so she made sure she put in some strong finishers in there for us.

Q. Talk about the sense of relief that comes with knowing you did your part today: Okay, I held up my end of the bargain?

KELLY ROBBINS: It's also important. You always want to win a point. I played really well today and then just made those couple of mistakes earlier. I just thought, I'll just hang in there and see what you can do on these last few holes. Like I said, I probably could have played 16, 17 much better.

Q. That was the fun part?

KELLY ROBBINS: I hope so. We'll see.

Q. Talk about the emotion of putting your team, basically, on the brink; I mean, half a point away?

KELLY ROBBINS: Well, I don't think there's anything emotional that ever compares to something like this until you've experienced it. I was talking to Pat Hurst -- this is her first year -- and I just said, Patty, just try and get on the team. You'll understand what I mean. She is like, Okay, I understand. The highs and lows are just tremendous out there. Right now, we're on a pretty good high that'll continue throughout the next two years.

Q. Can you rank that putt you made for us that you just made in your career?

KELLY ROBBINS: Definitely in the Top-5, I would think. The last two were actually, made up -- obviously, I've made a lot of good putts in the past, but at this point in time -- anytime you can do something like that, it's a great thrill.

Q. Your thoughts when you saw her shot coming over the trees and landing within a few feet --

KELLY ROBBINS: That was a great shot. She did what she had to do to, hopefully, make birdie. I really didn't expect anything else. Charlotta played good today. She did. She put the ball where she needed to at the time she needed to. She really hung in there well. I was just pleased mine turned out the way it did.

Q. She knew it was going in halfway home.

KELLY ROBBINS: Well, it looked pretty good and it started to look like it was losing pace and I was like, Oh, no, don't be short. It just kept moving down.

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