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November 15, 2016

Jamie Murray

Bruno Soares

London, England, United Kingdom


6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. It seemed like you dominated the team who you described the other day as the best in history. Does that count as one of your best wins?
JAMIE MURRAY: Well, yeah, I think so. We certainly played a great match, I mean, from start to finish. Probably one of our best matches of the year. We served really well throughout, cleaned up well on our serves.

I think we had a good game plan to play against them. We executed it really well. I think we both returned the ball smartly, put it in some difficult spots for them, then were really active around the net.

Yeah, I mean, I think we're both super pumped about the win. Should have a good chance to progress further in the tournament now.

Q. Jamie, did you think back at all to last year's match? Does it make it extra sweet?
JAMIE MURRAY: I thought about it in the changeover in the last game. A lot of people come up and ask me about that still (smiling).

I mean, yeah, we're really happy to win. Yeah, I don't know, just really happy. It was a great match. Yeah, looking forward to Thursday now.

Q. It's obviously not been a disaster since the US Open, but your results slightly dipped. You appear to be right back on it here. Are you particularly focused on this event or is it just clicking?
BRUNO SOARES: You're doing a great job (smiling).

JAMIE MURRAY: I think Asia was difficult for us. We were unlucky in Tokyo. We played a great match. Probably nine times out of ten we would have gone on to win that match. The way the scoring system was, it went against us at the wrong time. In China we lost to Peers-Kontinen, who played a great match, really fast conditions. They went on and had a great tournament.

We weren't disappointed at the end of Tokyo. We felt a bit unfortunate with how it worked out, but we felt like we were playing some good tennis.

Paris was obviously disappointing because there was a lot riding on it for the No. 1 spot. Yeah, but whatever. We came here, we had a good week of practice. We prepared really well. All our team here are working hard for us, trying to make sure we have things going in the right direction each day in the leadup to the tournament.

Come Sunday, we were ready to play. Think we had a good focus, good energy about us. It's showing in the performances.

Q. Given what happened in the other pool yesterday, you must also feel that you really are the form team in this event at the moment.
JAMIE MURRAY: Well, we've won two matches. I mean, that's all we can do. Hasn't really been much tennis played yet. Everybody's just played one match.

We're feeling good. Have another difficult match on Thursday against Marcelo and Ivan. We know we'll have to perform well if we want to beat them.

Q. What were the messages you scrolled on the TV screen? What was the significance of them?
BRUNO SOARES: Strong message.

JAMIE MURRAY: Some Brazilian in there that I learned along the way. Don't even know what that means.

BRUNO SOARES: 'Vamos' is let's go. It's not a real sentence, but 'vamos' is let's go. It's the way we say it, Vamos!

Q. Jamie, I know you operate very independently from Andy. You're sort of both here. Both of you, there's a No. 1 thing possibly running. Did you bother watching his match last night? Are you aware of that whole scenario? Is it motivating you?
JAMIE MURRAY: I watched some of the match last night, not all of it.

I guess he has to keep winning, like us. That makes things easier for everyone, I think. I'm sure he's super motivated. He seemed like it in the match yesterday. Right from the beginning, he seemed pretty fired up. He was pretty positive throughout the match, I thought.

Look, I mean, for him to finish No. 1, that's his goal. I'm sure it's been the last few years. He does have a genuine chance to do it this year. He's put himself in a good position. What an achievement it would be if he does do it, yeah.

Q. As was just said, you do lead your careers on very separate paths. Since he got to world No. 1, have you had a brotherly sitdown together and discussion about it?
JAMIE MURRAY: No, no. Don't do that (smiling).

I mean, he didn't start training here till Thursday. I mean, again, it's just like another tournament. You're on your own schedule, preparing for your matches individually. I mean, we saw him in the gym this morning because we were going out on the practice court after him. It's just for a couple minutes here and there.

But yeah, I mean, we're both focusing on our things. Our goals for the week I'm sure are the same: to try to win, do the best we can. I don't imagine we'll be seeing each other that much till the weekend, if we're both there.

Q. Bob and Mike were one of the greatest doubles teams ever. Not as young as they once were. Obviously their ranking is dropping. Can you put into terms what they've done for the game and how you regard them.
JAMIE MURRAY: Like I said, you know, they are the greatest team ever. I mean, there's no kind of disputing that I think with the number of titles they've won. If we want to be the best, we got to beat the best. Today we knew we needed to play our best to do that.

I mean, they basically have been doubles for the last 10, 12 years I think. You know, they've carried our sport. They've done so many great things for it, promoting doubles, getting on TV, as well. People were able to see doubles more, see these guys. They bring so much to the court every time they step on it. They always have a great energy about them.

They're great players themselves. It's always fun to watch them because they're always involved in great rallies, their reflexes are amazing, defense skills are so good.

I think, yeah, they've done a lot for doubles. I think we all hope they keep playing as long as they can, as long as they're motivated for it, because it's a great plus for us to have them on the tour.

Q. Jamie, sorry to ask you another Andy question, but could you sum up his year, and can he sustain it?
JAMIE MURRAY: It's been a ridiculous year, hasn't it? Yeah, just keep doing your thing. It's working. See where it gets you.

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