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November 11, 1999

Kelly Robbins


KELLY ROBBINS: Birdied my 1st hole. I hit a driver, 9-iron to about 20 feet and made the putt. Birdied No. 4, the par 3. I hit a 7-iron probably about 7 feet and made the putt there. On the back side, I birdied 10, the par 5, I hit a driver, 7-wood and 2-putted from -- oh, boy, probably like 90 feet.

Q. How close was it?

KELLY ROBBINS: Probably about three feet. And just the birdie on 18. Driver, 8-iron to the back there, and that was another probably 80-footer I made there for a birdie. Not another one, but I'm glad it hit the hole, obviously. Yeah, trying to loosen up a little bit. Showing some personality.

Q. Has it been a long year?

KELLY ROBBINS: Yeah, it has. It's been kind of hard to explain, because overall, it was even better than last year as far as week-in and week-out. I don't know if you are all familiar, but I kind of had a tough year last year. This year, I didn't really hit the ball all that bad, but I just couldn't score worth a darn. I was shooting a lot of even-par rounds, and out here on TOUR right now, that gets you nowhere. So I had some trouble getting momentum and then keeping it and keeping confidence week-in, week-out. One week, I might be hitting the ball really well, and I can't make a darn thing. And the next week, I'm getting up-and-down from everywhere. So I think it's just kind of an eight -year situation. I've put in eight pretty long years with not a lot of time off. I just try to all look at the big picture and what's going on. If the last two years are as bad as I get out here, then I'm pretty satisfied. But it's always nice to play well. And like I said, I am trying to take the last few tournaments here and not have a whole lot of expectations, but get the job done without getting frustrated, basically.

Q. Considering the last eight years, looking into next year, will you adjust your schedule?

KELLY ROBBINS: Maybe a little bit. It was hard; our majors were so close together during the summer. Game-wise, I felt like I was close to maybe breaking through, and then just never did, and became a little more frustrated, a little less confident, but just hung in there because I know it changes, and I've seen it change. But yeah, I have looked at next year. I'm not too sure how quickly I'll start off. Usually, I play a lot, early. But I still might do that, but then just see what the summer holds as far as majors, and maybe just try to book it around them a little more. It just depends. I sat that now, but the first of the year comes around, I'll probably be raring to go again. We'll see.

Q. What are your thoughts about this year , the dominance of two players?

KELLY ROBBINS: I think it's a incredible. I think it's a one of the best things that's happened for the TOUR in a long time. It's really amazing because I never thought that we'd have, you know, one player be able to dominate as much as Karrie did. And then to have two players do it on top of it is pretty impressive. And those gals played week-in, week-out, just nonstop. Karrie's whole career has basically been that, in itself, which is, you know, incredible. And then Juli, before she had her family and got them going, was awesome, and kind of got settled in and priorities straightened. And now, who knows how much we'll see her. Hopefully, not very much. (Laughs). In general, obviously, I think it's probably one of the best things that women's golf has ever seen.

Q. Does it sends a message to the rest of the players, that you've got to get to another level?

KELLY ROBBINS: Yeah, I think so, in a way. If they continue to do this year-in and year-out, then yeah. Obviously, both those gals, along with Annika, for a couple years there, you saw them at the top of the board, and you just knew what had to be done. But I think the message has been sent for a few years, as far as: This is where my game is and where it's going to go and come and catch me, you know. It's been neat to watch them both play right now.

Q. Is there any question in your mind as to who should be the Player of the Year?

KELLY ROBBINS: You know, I'm good friends with both of them. If Juli didn't get into the Hall of Fame, I think Karrie, week-in, week-out, obviously -- but the Hall of Fame thing is hard to beat. It only comes along so often. But hands down, I can't pick either one of them. I'll get in trouble either way. But Juli has just -- I don't know. I'm not even going to answer. I think they should both get it, honestly. I think if ever there was a time that two people should be honored for something, it's this year and this situation, as far as what I could tell. I remember, wasn't there a year, too, where Karrie and Annika were really close, and it was a little iffy there, too? But this year, by far, give it to both of them. Don't take anything away from either of them. Diplomatic again.

Q. Will you take any rest (inaudible)?

KELLY ROBBINS: Yeah, I had about four days off. I did take two weeks off. Actually, one and a half, maybe, before I started playing again. But right now is not -- you come out here, and what's good about Las Vegas, too, in this tournament, if you come out on a Sunday night, you're going to get three pretty good days to practice. So I try to find as much game as I can before.

Q. (Inaudible.)

KELLY ROBBINS: I think a little bit. I think we all do. I think the gals that have been there and done it have thought about it a little bit. But I haven't really thought much more than, I don't know, Lisa. We all keep track of it and who is doing what. And the next year is so big as far as points. It's kind of crazy. Right now, there's so many players getting the points and we're all scraping through trying to get two or three points every week. But I have a little bit, but not knowing where it is and getting excited about it and that type of thing.

Q. (Inaudible.)

KELLY ROBBINS: It won't be a problem. There's something about a Solheim that just no matter what, I think I was having kind of a tough year, and then we go and play that Nations Cup thing, and we all bond and play great. It's never really a problem for us to get fired up to play a team event, the team event.

Q. Do you have any reasons for this trend to -- last year you win the first tournament and contention in the last tournament, you win the first tournament and you're in contention in the last?

KELLY ROBBINS: I had a chance in Alabama, too. I have no idea, I don't know. Obviously, for me, I was very fortunate and spoiled myself, and I prefer it. I want to eventually, if it's meant to be, get my game back to my -- being very competitive on the weekends, especially Sundays, coming down. Give myself more chances to win, and I haven't done that lately. I seem to have a problem when I do get myself in that position, still playing pretty well. But it's been a long time since I actually had -- well, in Alabama was the first time I think in a while that I actually had a chance to win.

Q. (Inaudible.)

KELLY ROBBINS: If I could fix it, I'd love to. Just keep working.

Q. You recognize that trend, though?

KELLY ROBBINS: Sure. And every time I come into a situation like this, someone reminds me. (Laughter). I mean that in the nicest way. I recognize it, and then everyone else does, too.

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