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August 15, 2002

Kelly Robbins


LAURA NEAL: 3-under today.


LAURA NEAL: That's still good. We will take it. Maybe we will go over your scorecard and you just give us some comments on how things went out there today.

KELLY ROBBINS: Sure. I started on the back side. I double bogeyed number 13. I just missed the green, and the ball, I probably hit the ball, it was going a little left-to-right. Hit an 8-iron. Hit the second cut of rough. Went through the third cut, went all the way down the hill, dribbled all the way down the cart path on to the bridge. So I took my drop, hit on the green and 3-putted for a five.

Birdied the next. I know I had a bogey there somewhere. Birdie on the next. I hit a driver 4-iron to about 35 feet and 3-putted there.

I birdied 16 -- this is only my second time playing here. All right. 3-iron off the tee, 7-iron pin high. Made the putt from 15 feet.

I bogeyed the next hole, a par-3. 7-iron, short left, just on the fringe, 3-putted from 20 feet. I left my first putt probably four feet short.

And then birdied 18, driver, 9-iron to three feet. Made the putt.

Then on the front side, birdied 7, 8 and 9. 7, I hit driver, wedge. Made a putt from about just short of the green. Probably about 20 feet.

Birdie on 17, I hit an 8-iron to, it was hanging over the lip. I don't know how it didn't go in. So I just tapped it in from there.

Birdie on 18. Driver, 4-iron into the second green side bunker. And got up-and-down probably. Made a 7 footer, six-footer there for birdie.

LAURA NEAL: Questions.

Q. 68 or 69?


Q. 69?


Q. You say you almost aced the par-3 8th?

KELLY ROBBINS: I did. Yeah. Well, it looked good in the air and when I got up there I really don't know how it wasn't in. A lot of the ball was hanging over the lip. So that would have been kind of handy. But it was a very easy birdie for me.

Q. Happy with the start in the first round?

KELLY ROBBINS: Yeah. Starting out it was raining this morning a little bit. And it was fairly windy. Which the scores obviously show. I don't think there was a lot of real good scores yet out there today. I personally, the first time I played the course was yesterday in the pro-am and the wind was a tad different direction. And then playing it today, it was constant out of the same direction as what it was late afternoon yesterday. Playing in the wind, very happy with the score. I had to hit a few long irons into some greens today and I hit the ball very solid and really, besides the unfortunate break out on 13, I probably couldn't have done much better. I hit it pretty good today.

Q. A lot of people were talking about the greens. How did you find them?

KELLY ROBBINS: The greens are beautiful. They really are. They are quick. On the wrong side of the hole, you are playing with a three putt pretty quickly. So I think you have to hit the ball right around the hole and try to give ourselves nothing more than maybe a three or four-footer coming back when you're above the hole any different direction. But as far as the greens overall condition, they are great. They were holding a little bit today, which makes things a little fairer. If they start getting firmer and a little crunchy, it's going to be interesting. There are a couple holes that you just can't keep the ball around the hole if you're on the wrong side of it.

Q. The day itself with the weather and it's hot and the wind, is this -- could you see this getting worse as the week goes on or was this not a bad day overall as far as the weather is concerned?

KELLY ROBBINS: I think overall, from what I understand it's usually pretty windy. So with the rain, I think that's really helped soften the greens up a little bit. And again, if it continues to be windy and we don't see a lot of rain, it could get a little more treacherous. Especially around the greens.

Q. Could you just talk about your season to date, where you feel you're at. Do you feel there's a victory out there waiting for you?

KELLY ROBBINS: Sure. Yeah, my year's been actually really pretty good. Very solid. I haven't won in a while, which is something that I am being patient about. I've been playing really good. This year, especially the last few months I've been playing good. So right now just doing a lot of really good things. I think all in due time as far as winning, I hope. I'm counting on that. But I've been very patient. Very pleased. Just continued to work hard and just kind of waiting for my turn to happen.

Q. I know it's a different course but at the same time it's a tournament you almost won last year, did you think about that?

KELLY ROBBINS: No, unfortunately I can't. I know I'm in Canada. But any time you get on a different course it's just different. I do enjoy playing in this part of the country. I grew up in Michigan, which is quite aways away, but very similar as far as golf courses, the conditions, grasses, that type of thing. So I do enjoy playing in this part of the world, I guess I need to say. This part of Canada. So, yeah, I did have a good week here at this tournament and the sponsor didn't change, so that's good. But I'm just really looking forward to hopefully having another good weekend and maybe a chance to win come Sunday.

LAURA NEAL: Any more questions. All right. Thank you, Kelly.

KELLY ROBBINS: All right. Thank you.

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