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November 11, 2016

Louis Oosthuizen

Sun City, South Africa

Q. Finishing with a birdie, three great shots to post a three to get back to level par; sometimes in a tournament there's a moment. Was that a moment last night?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, it was a tough round. Felt like I hit the ball really well but couldn't keep bogeys off my card. It was great to finish level after all that, and then sort of build on momentum going on to today. You know, I feel good over the ball. I'm hitting it well and just need to make a few putts.

Q. 66, low score of the week so far. Only 4-under par yesterday. Does that surprise you slightly?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: It did, but also, it was quite tough with the wind. The wind was all over the place, and you have gusts coming now and then, and it makes it difficult. Especially if you don't hit the fairways around this golf course, you're going to struggle out of the rough.

Q. How much do you love this golf course?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I've won the Dimension Data here before. I love this place. I love coming back here. It's great playing on a great golf course.

Q. And how much does local knowledge help you?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: It does. There's a lot of holes where you think you kind of overpower it by just bombing a driver, but you know, I took the hard route today. I hit a few 3-irons and a lot of 5-woods off the tee just to give myself a mid-iron into the green.

You know, hitting the drivers all the time isn't always good.

Q. You must like the look of where you are now with two rounds to go.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, it's a good spot. Need to play good golf over the weekend.

It was a good round to get back into the event and probably be two or three behind playing the weekend, so it's always a good spot to be in.

Q. Can you pinpoint what was the difference between yesterday and today?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yesterday I made stupid bogeys on the card. Whenever I had a birdie, I made a bogey. I couldn't get going. It was awhile since I've made a bogey-free round. I'll take a lot out of this round today with no bogeys.

Q. Conditions tough today; makes the round even better, doesn't it?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, it was windy. It was tough out there. I hit the ball well. I enjoy playing in a little bit of breeze, and shaped the ball a bit more. Yeah, whenever I had a good opportunity for birdie, I took it. You have those days and hopefully I can just build on this.

Q. Did you have to back off any shots?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: A few times. Especially up here where the ball travels a long way.

Q. What's the plan now going forward for the rest of the tournament? Is there still a low score?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: It's out there, even with windy conditions, I still left a few out there today. You just need to hit the fairways and give yourself any iron, really, to get to the green and hopefully you see the lines pretty good and make some putts.

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