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November 11, 2016

Fabrizio Zanotti

Sun City, South Africa

Q. Talk about the start today, two birdies, a par, and then a hole-in-one at the fourth?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: I think it was a pretty good start for the round. I was very focused, playing good. I had a great start. I couldn't believe it.

Q. Are you aware that you're the first person in the Nedbank to get a hole-in-one?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: That's very strange, when the people told me that it was the first hole in one in the history of the tournament, it sounded strange for me, but then the people from the tournament confirmed it to me. It was very strange, but lucky for me, I'm the first one.

Q. You didn't have the finish you wanted but at 6-under par, you're in a great position with two rounds to go.
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: Yeah, I think I fight all day long very good. I think I just don't need to stay with the finish. I played really good today. So I think I'm in very good position for the weekend.

Q. You're in a great position perhaps to win more than a million Euro.
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: Yeah, but I don't want to think about that. Just want to keep doing my game and keep trying to enjoy this beautiful place.

Q. Talk us through the hole-in-one, an incredible achieve. Give us the details and the nitty-gritty of that shot.
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: I think it was just a perfect club, a perfect distance for me with a 7-iron. The wind was helping a little, so the ball, it was going to release a little.

Q. Nice to see the ball go in the hole, as well, the celebrations, the crowd. Obviously an exciting moment for you.
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: Yeah, exciting. Always exciting to make a hole-in-one. And then when they told me it was the first one in the history of this golf tournament, I enjoy it even more.

Q. Why do you think that is? It's been 36 years that we've been waiting for a hole-in-one. Why is it, are the par 3s tough around here? What's the story?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: That's what I've been telling the boys. I can't believe that this is the first one. But yeah, I think the par 3, they are really tricky.

Probably it's because of the wind. It's very hard to have the correct clubs always because the wind is turning too much. So maybe it's because of that.

Q. When you made the hole-in-one, did you turn around and look and see if there was a car there? Did you think it was for the later rounds? What were your thoughts there? They have given you a great prize now at Sun International.
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: I knew there was not a car because normally when there is a car, the car is just there on the tee. But anyway, doesn't matter. It was a great shot and I'm really happen.

Q. It really got your round going. You got off to a flying start. To follow up on two birdies in your opening two holes really was a great start for you, and you managed to capitalise on your round.
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: Yeah, it was a really good help. After that hole-in-one, I keep playing solid. The final was not the one that I was expecting, but like I say, I cannot stay with that final. I played really good all the round. So I just need to keep thinking that way and try to enjoy the weekend.

Q. Conditions tough again today with the swirling wind?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: Yeah, I think that's the pattern here. Always the wind is changing. It's my first time here but all the practice rounds and the two rounds we already played, it was the same. So probably tomorrow it's going to be like that again.

Q. How many hole-in-ones have you had?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: This is the second one in a golf tournament. I have had more in practice rounds, six or seven. But in a tournament, it's my second.

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