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November 11, 2016

Chris Wood

Sun City, South Africa

Q. How are you today, has to be the first question.
CHRIS WOOD: A lot better. A massive improvement overnight. I laid on my bed icing my neck last night for probably an hour and a half, and just before I went to bed, the bag split and all the ice and water pooled all over my pillow. It's always an adventure with Woody.

Q. So the maid had to come in, change the bed clothes?
CHRIS WOOD: No, I've got a bit more about me than that. I bring my own pillow. So I thought there's a chance it might sort of leak, so that was put to one side. So the pillows that got soaked were ones that I was not going to use anyway. Yes, I'm cleverer than I look.

Q. And you've now got this magic piece of tape on your neck.
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, it helps. It helps relax the muscles that have gone into spasm and then reacts to the joint in my neck or something. I don't understand that sort of thing, but it's very colour-coordinated today. They made a good effort, the physios. Hopefully they will turn up with some tape for my shirt tomorrow.

Q. What colour is the shirt tomorrow?
CHRIS WOOD: Don't know what I've got left to wear. We'll see.

Q. As for coordination, a nice run up the board.
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, 3-under is a solid day, really. I sort of thought going out, with the way I felt today compared to yesterday, I thought, golf is a stupid game, isn't it. I'll probably go and shoot 74 today, having battled my way to a 69 yesterday feeling not so good.

But yeah, pleased to break 70 again. I think you sort of play your week, breaking 70 every day, you're not going to be far away.

Q. Is there something about the way you approach this course or something that really suits you?
CHRIS WOOD: Quite patient. It is tough. You can't really attack many pins. So like I've said before, the greens are quite small, so you hit it in the middle of the greens, you're never going to be that far off.

So yeah, really, that was one of my goals today really was just remain patient because I knew I might struggle again with my neck. Can't do anything about it.

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