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November 10, 2016

Victor Dubuisson

Sun City, South Africa

Q. Your thoughts on the start?
VICTOR DUBUISSON: It's a good score. The pin positions were more difficult than the previous year on the first round. I played well. I didn't make any mistake on the distance. I was always on the good side of the green.

Q. Is it nice when you start like that, with back-to-back birdies to begin, and settle any kind of nerves and get involved?
VICTOR DUBUISSON: Yeah, yeah, the round good when you start birdie, birdie. It's important here to make a good birdie on the second hole anyway.

Q. Do you like the course? Do you like the way it's set up this time around?
VICTOR DUBUISSON: Yeah, I like because it's a tough course. Every time you miss a shot, you pay it with a bogey or a double-bogey. It's a course where the guy who hit it good -- you know there, is no place for mistake here.

Q. Does that take it out of you? Does it mean you have to focus all the more because you're out there in the heat on a long course?
VICTOR DUBUISSON: Yeah, the heat is not easy.

Q. What do you think after last week, because that was back defending your title after a little bit of a break.
VICTOR DUBUISSON: Yeah, last week I didn't play very well but it was a different course. No, I was fine.

Q. But are you feeling the benefit of having played in Turkey, having played the four rounds?
VICTOR DUBUISSON: Yeah, yeah, I feel the benefit, especially with my driving and my putting, yeah.

Q. And you're targeting Dubai, I take it? I think that's probably obvious.
VICTOR DUBUISSON: Yeah, of course. Missing, I would be very disappointed to miss Dubai. I think a top six or top ten will make it. It's a good way to start.

Q. Is it good to have that kind of target to know that you have to put the button down and really go for it?
VICTOR DUBUISSON: Yeah, because I know that there's no cut this week, so I just have to go for it.

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