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November 10, 2016

Fabrizio Zanotti

Sun City, South Africa

Q. Please tell me just how good 2-under is?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: I think it was a good round. I played really good the first nine, and the second nine, I just struggled a little, so I fight a lot to stay.

Q. And you struggled, because?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: I mean, I struggled because of the wind, the change of directions. I didn't hit it really good on the back nine, so it was a good five, a lot of up-and-downs. I'm pretty happy.

Q. How difficult is it with the rough?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: The rough is really strong for me; that I don't have the strength some other players have. I just need to put the ball in the fairway because it's really hard.

Q. And the altitude, have you got to make differences because of being up here?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: Yeah, I think with the altitude, it's difficult to get the right club. The ball sometimes flies a lot or other times just don't go, so it's quite like this all day. So that's why I think it's a really good start.

Q. More generally speaking, how are you enjoying Sun City?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: Oh, it's an awesome place. Hopefully this tournament stays for The Final Series forever, because it's a great place.

Q. Did you know what to expect? Were you aware of the Million Dollar Challenge and the history?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI: Yeah, I always knew this was a great tournament. When you walk on No. 9, you see all the names of all the players that won this tournament, and you realize how big it was. So we are pretty lucky to be here, so just trying to enjoy the week.

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