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November 10, 2016

Felipe Aguilar

Sun City, South Africa

Q. Your thoughts on 4-under?
FELIPE AGUILAR: I didn't expect it actually. The course wasn't playing very easy. The course, well, we have to start with the fact the course is not easy. It's very difficult for me to judge distance because of the altitude, so I'm quite happy with today's round.

Q. Down the years we've expected lower scores than this, despite people saying how tough it is, but I think it's playing it's full length now, isn't it, and that rough is tricky?
FELIPE AGUILAR: Rough is tricky, especially around the greens. You can get a little really good lie around the green or you're absolutely dead. So you have to be a little lucky there, but the course is in great shape and we play a very long course, a very long one.

Q. Do you look around and admire, as well as think, oh, that's tough?
FELIPE AGUILAR: I try to switch around. I know it's a tough hole and I just try to not make mistakes, big mistakes. Sometimes there are a couple holes here that try to make my putter run away from it and try to make my birdies on another hole. I try to be very strategic. I don't go for every single hole out here. It worked out today and hopefully it will work out for the next three days.

Q. How aware were you of Sun City and the Gary Player Country Club?
FELIPE AGUILAR: I wasn't aware at all. This is quite amazing. I spoke to some of the guys in the Pro-Am yesterday that have been involved with this event since the very beginning, and it's just amazing what they did here and what they have done, and what they keep doing on a place that was absolutely nothing back in the late 70s, early 80s.

It's amazing what they did. It's amazing what the bank supported, and especially the people around it, doing events and coming over here. This is a great place to come and take a couple weeks off.

Q. And by extension, a worthwhile addition to The Final Series for The European Tour?
FELIPE AGUILAR: Yeah, hopefully we'll be coming here for many years to come, because this is a great course, great venue, great hotels. We are treated like kings out here. So hopefully we'll keep coming here very often.

Q. Have you seen any of the wildlife yet?
FELIPE AGUILAR: No, I haven't done it yet. I've been to the Kruger Park a couple times and done some over there, but I'm told we'll see more animals more often. So hopefully I'm going to go with a couple friends from here on Sunday and have a peek.

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