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November 10, 2016

Chris Wood

Sun City, South Africa

Q. What's your verdict on a nice, tidy score today?
CHRIS WOOD: Honestly that's probably one of the best rounds I've ever played. I couldn't really move my head this morning, and I had sort of a reoccurrence of the neck injury that flared up in the summer and ruined my summer really. Completely random.

Went to bed with a little ache, thought nothing of it and really struggled this morning. I was in the physio here five minutes before my tee time getting taped up and pressed and pushed just to try and tee off really.

So to drop one shot around that golf course in tricky conditions, the way I woke up this morning, is an amazing effort.

Q. You looked in pain right from that opening tee shot, so with the heat does this become any easier?
CHRIS WOOD: With very strong tablets it becomes easier. It does help once you're out there. I knew it wasn't as bad as what it was sort of July, and it's the other side of my neck, as well. So as I've said all these years, I'm working my way around my body.

But it's very demoralising when -- I took a week off last week because I wanted to see my coach at home and give these last two a really good push, and I've been playing nicely. So to wake up on the Thursday of the tournament feeling like you might not start is pretty tough.

So yeah, I'm going to try and I won't give up, and hopefully it will ease up as the week goes on and I'll be all right for this week and hopefully next week, as well.

Q. What happens now? Do you go to the physio again? You have a towel around your neck.
CHRIS WOOD: Well, that's for the heat. I was on a drip here last year -- so anything else?

Yeah, I thought I prepared quite nicely coming down here this week. Stayed out of needles and drips so far, played the Pro-Am, all was looking rosey. But yeah, it's part of being me here, just being tall and injury-prone it tricky.

Q. If it's any consolation, despite being on a drip, you had a good finish last year and you're up there now.
CHRIS WOOD: Something in the air I think. Well, that actually sort of helped me really, knowing how bad I was last year and I finished third.

Yeah, I know I can play around this golf course, clearly. It's so tough. You miss fairways, those greens are so small that you can't really get near the flag and you leave yourself in horrible positions. The ball sits down in the grass.

As long as you keep your head and plod along and don't let things bother you, I think there's quite a big separation in the scores this week. Somebody who keeps their head and just plods will be right up there.

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