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October 31, 2016

Benoit Paire

Paris, France


6-4, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. You played on Court No. 1, a very special court here. The crowd is very close to the court and they supported you. Were you aware of that during the match?
BENOIT PAIRE: Yes, I like that court very much. There was a great atmosphere. I didn't play a great match. The season was tough for me this year, but the positive thing is that the atmosphere was good. I was supported. So I like that. And I was happy to play on that court.

Q. Talking about that Court No. 1, the ceiling is low. The noise of the air conditioning is there. Is it tough to play on a court like this in a Masters 1000?
BENOIT PAIRE: Well, for a French player, it's good because the crowd is very close. I was a bit worried about the way I would be welcomed, and I'm reassured now. I think the French crowd was very nice with me. I really enjoyed that match. It was good, and it's positive for the rest of the year.

Q. As far as your game is concerned, where are you standing right now? You started working with Thierry. It's tough to make everything go well immediately?
BENOIT PAIRE: It's okay. It was tough to play. Today I tried my best. What he's asking from me is to fight, and that is what I did.

I have nothing else to say. I just tried to do my best on the court. This is what I did today, and I'm proud of that. It was not a great match, but I'm happy.

Q. Thierry was not here today. Can you explain how it's going to go in the future with him?
BENOIT PAIRE: Things are going well with Thierry. I have a good relationship with him. He's a very good coach. I said that already.

So we're going to discuss, both of us, we are going to talk on the phone. We will draw the conclusions of this year of 2016, but it is positive. I'm happy.

Q. About Thierry, is there any specific reason why he's not here today? He couldn't come?
BENOIT PAIRE: Why don't we talk about the match? You know, whether he's in the stands or not, I just don't care. I'm here to play.

Ask me questions about the match. I can tell you what happens. I tried my best. I had my friends here. Why always talk about Thierry? I said I did my best. I gave it all.

I just talked about it with Thierry. I will call him. We will draw the conclusions of this season, and we will see what happens next. I'm trying my best. I finished the year in the top 50. I think it's not that bad. It's already a good thing for a tennis player to be top 50. I'm going to draw the lessons of what happened. I'm doing my best. I'm just trying to fight on the court.

Q. Is your program clear for the next weeks? Do you know when you're going to rest? When you're going to practice?
BENOIT PAIRE: I don't know yet. I'm going to talk about it. I practice. I play. I enjoy playing.

I don't know yet.

Q. But you really enjoy playing now?
BENOIT PAIRE: Yes, I did today. People supported me. They were happy. I was a little bit afraid before coming onto the court, and I really enjoyed that match and that was important to me.

I was close to the crowd, and I felt they liked the style of my game. They were happy I was here. So this is how I enjoyed it. But of course my level was not very high. But the important thing is to fight, and this is what I did.

Q. I was not talking only about today. I was talking about the recent weeks. Did you regain confidence and a better level?
BENOIT PAIRE: Well, globally, it was not easy, not lately. I had a better year last year. I did well here last year.

So next year I will try to do what I need to do. I'll try to practice well, and we'll see what happens.

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