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November 1, 2016

Pierre-Hugues Herbert

Paris, France

F. LOPEZ/P. Herbert

7-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. So what didn't you do well today that prevented you from winning that match?
PIERRE-HUGUES HERBERT: Well, that's a good question. I am not quite satisfied with my level of game in this match today. I was not playing my best tennis. It was quite average, and when I don't play my best against a player like Lopez, I'm in a difficult position.

So what I did was not enough to win. What should have I done? Maybe served better, have a better percentage, more relaxed?

I didn't find a solution for his game. His game is quite special, and I didn't find the key to impose my own game and win that match.

Q. You've played big servers and lefties. What is it about his serve that is so difficult? I think you had three break points and you never made them. Is his serve very special?
PIERRE-HUGUES HERBERT: Well, as you said, he's a lefty. So those serves are unusual for us. And on top of it, his serve is very fast and he can serve anywhere, slice on both sides, et cetera.

He has a very good second serve, too. It's difficult to read his serve and it's difficult to return. Even when I was able to push him a little, because I was returning well in the first set, on break points he was serving at 220 kilometers an hour, and that's it.

I think I had a break point on his second serve in the second set, and it was the same thing. His serve was extremely difficult to return. It was wide and he has this capacity of serving extremely well, and it's impossible to read. Therefore, it's quite difficult.

Q. On the third match point, the one you lost, why did you hesitate? You seemed to be on the ball.
PIERRE-HUGUES HERBERT: I was surprised by his shot. I was able to return his serve. He sent the ball back just without moving.

He has a lot of strength in his arm. I didn't know whether I should let it bounce or not, and I decided to play a volley. But it was a difficult shot to play on a volley. I missed the volley.

Q. A different question. Is this season longer for you than last year? How do you assess your form at the end of the year?
PIERRE-HUGUES HERBERT: I feel a lot better than last year at the same period, because I had back pain last year at that same period. So this year I was able to manage my schedule a bit better. Of course I had difficult periods. Many things happened to me. I had to take them. I mean, good things, bad things.

But I'm happy to be here, although I lost and I'm a bit disappointed, of course, because I thought I was able to do a bit better on the court than what I did today.

But the positive thing is I played three good matches here in Bercy with the good intensity, so it's better than last year.

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