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November 2, 2016

Andy Murray

Paris, France

A. MURRAY/F. Verdasco

6-3, 6-7, 7-5

An interview (quick quotes) with:


Q. (Question about the match.)
ANDY MURRAY: It wasn't the best match from my side. I got through it. I will play better tomorrow.

I didn't get any time on that court, because matches are from 11:00 in the morning and guys have warmup. So I have hit for like 45 minutes on the court beforehand, and it's very different to last week, very different conditions.

Q. Quicker, slower?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, it's quicker. Totally different surface. It's not easy doing that coming in and adjusting quickly. I didn't play my best but I won. I'm happy with that.

Q. What was the key? At the end you seemed to be getting aggravated with the time violation. There was a bit of booing.
ANDY MURRAY: I didn't get aggravated with it. It was an interesting time to give it to me. I had no sort of warning beforehand that I was taking too long, but, yeah, I was pumped at the end.

Obviously that was a tough game to get out of. It was 5-All, 15-40. He had a chance on the 15-40 with a backhand, mishit it a little bit, and then I kind of sensed that he might not be able to close it out. I finished stronger than him.

Q. You beat Pouille pretty handily a couple weeks ago.

Q. Do you expect him to be more dangerous here in front of a French crowd?
ANDY MURRAY: I think he was dangerous there, as well. I mean, I liked the conditions in Shanghai. You know, the court plays a little bit quicker here than in Shanghai. That's what it feels like. Although the court in Shanghai is pretty fast. It's not slow.

He's a big hitter. He takes chances. It's quite similar to Fernando, actually, apart from obviously the righty/lefty. It's different. Both of them like to go for big first serves and take chances from the back of the court.

They both have big forehands, tighten the ball well. Pretty quick, good athletes. It's fairly similar apart from one is righty and one is lefty. They have a similar game style.

Q. What about your leg? We saw you touching your leg.
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, very long point. Different moves and things hurt a little bit at the end of the season, you know. I've played a lot of tennis.

Also on a different surface tonight, as well. So I think, you know, your body does take time to adjust to that, as well. It feels fine just now.

It did not bother me through the end of the match. It was a little bit sore for a couple of points, which was normal.

Q. How long will your recovery take now?
ANDY MURRAY: Probably like an hour and 50 minutes. I will have a massage now and a stretch with Mark and then ten minutes in the ice bath. That will be it.

But also, I mean, I would maybe have done longer if it wasn't late. You know, sleeping is also a big part of recovery, as well. I'll try to get a decent sleep-in.

Q. How much does it help in those situations like tonight when you've banked so many victories in the last month or so? Is there a sense that you almost get on autopilot or you have so much belief that you can pull through the tough situations?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah. I mean, it definitely helps. I think, you know, probably puts a bit more doubt in the opponent's mind. You know, for me, I didn't feel that comfortable tonight because, you know, the conditions were so different and the match wasn't played on my terms. He dictated the match. He was dictating the points.

You know, I didn't necessarily feel comfortable out there, but I feel like the way the two of us finished the match, you know, and the sort of body language, I think I was stronger at the end in the last game when I had my chance. You know, he played a few poor points, and when he had his chance, he didn't. That's confidence for you.

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