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November 6, 2016

Aaron Wise

Las Vegas, Nevada

Q. Talk about the weekend. Just another step it seems in the progression.
AARON WISE: Yeah. It's a good week for me to get in contention in a PGA TOUR. I came T16 at John Deere, but that was off a very strong Saturday and I still wasn't very close to the lead. Here I was three back going into the third round and four into the final. So I had a chance the whole time, and doesn't look like I'll get it done, but it's just experience I'm gaining and hopefully learning from.

Q. You may get down as a Top 10, and that will get you into next week. Are you watching the leaderboard this afternoon to see if you can get there?
AARON WISE: Yeah. I'm T10 right now. So I knew that putt on 17 was a big one for me, because I knew I was T7 at that time, and if I dropped a shot I'd go to T13 or something. So I knew it was a big putt, and I was lucky to be able to make that ten-footer and then a good par after I hit a little wayward three-wood off the last tee.

Q. The round itself, can you just go through it?
AARON WISE: Yeah. I made most of my scoring on the back nine. I knew I needed to get off to a hot start if I wanted to have a chance today, and I did that. To turn at 3-under I thought I could make shoot 6, 7, 8 if I had a decent back nine. And unfortunately it didn't happen that way, but like I said, it's awesome. I don't know how many back I was when I made the turn, but I had to be pretty darn close, and that's all you can ask for is to give yourself some shots down the stretch.

Q. You're Web.com Tour next year; yeah?

Q. When you made the decision to leave Oregon, has it gone faster, slower? You want it to go as fast as possible.
AARON WISE: Yeah. I didn't really know what to expect or what to think of it, so I just tried to play as good as I can and see where my game matched up. And Canada was a good learning stone for me. I learned how to travel. I learned all those off-the-course things to deal with, and it was a good step. But obviously, as you can see, my game can translate out here, and I know it can. It's just a matter of me getting comfortable enough and being able to shoot the scores I know I can.

Q. You don't look back and say law school would have been okay.
AARON WISE: I can always go back. I can always go back.

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