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November 6, 2016

Rod Pampling

Las Vegas, Nevada

Q. A lot of hard work, ups and downs. Gotta feel pretty good.
ROD PAMPLING: It's awesome. You know, you dream of it. It happened a couple of times, obviously a long time ago. But thankfully I can still remember those, and it's exactly the same. It's just an amazing feeling and it's just what we work so hard for, and it was just nice to finish off with a bomb like that. It makes it even more special.

Q. Got off to a good start early on in the round, a little struggle at the start of the back nine. But those last six holes, again, another great save at the par-5, 16.
ROD PAMPLING: You see the guys that make those putts on two, I kind of figured, here we go, it's going to be that sort of day. Obviously kept up, and then yeah, the back nine was -- ten, I obviously didn't hit the first putt hard enough. But on 12 I had a spike mark right in front of my putt. You know what, it was one of those. It didn't bother me because I knew it wasn't a bad putt. It just bounced straightaway. So it didn't affect me in any way. And then just the putter got hot. It was beautiful. I loved it.

Q. What carried you through the day?
ROD PAMPLING: Just the belief in what we've been doing all week. Just the fact that you can go out and you can shoot 60, you know you're playing good. And the fact that we played in the afternoon the last two days before. So kind of a little bit consistent conditions. And just down the stretch I got the ball to the hole with the putts which I hadn't down the last two days. So thankfully I learned my lesson. You still learn sometimes out here.

Q. Your timing is impeccable. Not that you're necessarily going to go play the PGA TOUR champions, but this exemption is going to carry you through right to your 50th birthday.
ROD PAMPLING: Oh, really?

Q. Gotta feel pretty good about that.
ROD PAMPLING: Yeah, I didn't know. Yes, I did. So I know. It's a great feeling, but you know what, after this week I still think I have a couple of more wins, so I'm looking forward to the next few years and just see what we can do.

Q. Congratulations. It was great watching you this week.
ROD PAMPLING: Thanks very much.

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