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November 6, 2016

Gwen Jorgensen

New York, New York

THE MODERATOR: Olympic gold medalist at the summer games, 2:41.01 today. Tell us the attention you received today.

GWEN JORGENSEN: How did it go? I guess I'd sum it up with wow. It was a really difficult race. I didn't have any expectations. I don't know what I would have been happy with, but I'm not happy with that race. It was really hard out there. My muscles got really sore. My favorite thing was being in New York. There's so many fans. So many people yelling go Gwen, and that really makes me smile and happy, and I really want to thank everyone for going out there and cheering.

THE MODERATOR: I know that you're used to pushing yourself to the ultimate limit. This one stair seemed a little bit of a challenge. How was this in comparison to things?

GWEN JORGENSEN: That step was almost too much for me. You guys should have a ramp. Oh I should have gone that way.

This was different than a triathlon. I didn't prepare as well as I should have going into this race. I just didn't have enough time. It was difficult. My muscles definitely got sore during the race. They're going to be pretty tired and sore for several days. That's different than a triathlon. Normally, I go into a triathlon, and I'm fully prepared and ready to go. For this race, I wasn't prepared, and it definitely hurts.

THE MODERATOR: Congratulations nontheless. I think that anybody would envy your performance. Let's take a second just to congratulate you for representing the country this past summer in the way that you did. It was fantastic.

GWEN JORGENSEN: Thank you. It was a very good year.

Q. You talked about you were a little disappointed in how you performed today. If you were to do another marathon, what are some things you'd do differently? How would you prepare differently?
GWEN JORGENSEN: I think I would just need to prepare a little bit better. I would need to probably do some longer runs and just do some more running is basically all it comes down to.

For me, if I ran that race again today, I probably wouldn't do anything different. It was super fun, and everything was kind of a new experience for me, and it was really exciting.

Q. Even though you're disappointed, do you take any pride in having beaten a few like full-time pro -- like several full-time pro runners?
GWEN JORGENSEN: Yeah, I have complete respect for not only this course and the distance, but the other professional runners I ran against. They're incredibly talented and hard working, and a couple of them flew by me at the end, and I couldn't hang on. From the start, a lot of them dropped me as well. They're really talented athletes, and I have a lot of respect for them.

Q. Outside of more triathlons, maybe another marathon, any other challenges that you're looking to take on?
GWEN JORGENSEN: I've been pretty vocal about this, but my husband and I are trying to start a family. We'll see what happens. We failed on month one, and now we're on month two. I'm running this marathon probably isn't going to help a baby stick. So we'll see.

Q. With this experience, would you ever consider doing an Ironman?
GWEN JORGENSEN: I've gotten that question a lot, and Ironmans aren't something I'm passionate about. It's completely different than the triathlons I do. I think the marathon gave me a little taste of what an Ironman might be like, especially when I got solo out there and I was running by myself. That's what you have to do in an Ironman. You're out there basically all by yourself, and that's not something I'm currently passionate about.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much, Gwen.

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