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November 5, 2016

Rod Pampling

Las Vegas, Nevada

Q. I know you weren't pleased with your play, but at the end of the day, just one back, can't be too disappointed.
ROD PAMPLING: No, you know, you don't want to give up the lead at any stage, but yeah, I think we kind of -- we weren't real good all day. We struggled out there, and at least it was good to see Brooks make some birdies at the end. They were out there, it was just a few breaks here and there weren't quite what I had been getting. Hopefully it'll turn around tomorrow and we'll actually post a proper number again.

Q. Anything in particular you were struggling with today?
ROD PAMPLING: You know, it all felt decent. There was nothing bad. I felt good over the putter. We had a couple of putts that could have gone quite easily. You know, it wasn't bad, it just didn't happen. I'll just go back and try and eat and shower and do everything I did Wednesday night, come out and shoot a good one tomorrow.

Q. What's the key for you tomorrow?
ROD PAMPLING: That. Do the same I did Wednesday afternoon.

Q. How would you break down your round?
ROD PAMPLING: Nothing special. I think we just all struggled out there today. It wasn't a group that we could feed off each other. It wasn't good, but at the end of the day, we're only one away, so you can take something out of that and go to the range now and just sharpen up a few little things. Nothing really stood out that was bad, but just didn't post a score. You know, thankfully with a good score on the first day, I've been able to have a couple so-so days, so tomorrow I'll have to go low. Simple.

Q. Were the conditions that much tougher, or what was making it such a struggle for the guys in the last couple groups?
ROD PAMPLING: You know, I think as the afternoon goes, definitely the greens got a lot firmer so there's definitely some firmer bounces, and then the greens get just a touch slower because they're growing, so you get your head around being super firm but then slower. I don't think any of us really putted well in the group today, but definitely take something from that and make sure we get them to the hole tomorrow.

Q. A couple of young blokes have won this event in the last couple of years, but there's a couple of veterans in the fix. Proof that you don't need to be one of these young bombers to get things done on the TOUR?
ROD PAMPLING: No, this is a good golf course for that. Would it be nice to hit it long? Absolutely. But you don't need to. It's funny you mention those two guys are up there. I mentioned it to my caddie. I said, last time I won Bay Hill, they were both there, as well. Hopefully some good signs, and it'll still go my way.

You know, it's just a good course for that. You don't have to be the bomber to do it all. Playing with Brooks today, he hits it a long way, but he was hitting a lot of irons off the tee, so it's still a positional golf course, and that's what you need to do is position yourself properly and give yourself the chances.

Q. I think the one thing you can take from what Brooks has done is that there are plenty of birdies out there, but you've also got to limit your mistakes.
ROD PAMPLING: Absolutely. That's definitely the problem. Obviously he's not happy with his game today, but yeah, you've got to have just no mistakes. I had a three-point, and I think there was another bogey in there somewhere. Just little things like that, you can't do. That's what we've got to sharpen up tomorrow, and hopefully they'll all go in and we'll shoot another super low one tomorrow.

Q. You did win on the Web.com not long ago, but this is the big TOUR again and it's been over 10 years.
ROD PAMPLING: I'm not going to lie, there was a little bit of tension early on. But I played nice early. I hit a lot of decent shots. I think I've controlled that well, so I'm going to definitely take something away from that and know that the guys aren't shooting super low, which is normal. The guys who are a long way back go low because they're not protecting a little bit. Obviously I don't think we can protect tomorrow, but I feel good, so there's nothing wrong with the way, we just go out there and just let it go and just hope juices are good. It's nice to have them.

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