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November 5, 2016

Haotong Li

Antalya, Turkey

Q. Your thoughts being 11-under par going into the final round?
HAOTONG LI: Yeah, it's quite nice, especially front nine not really good, and back nine, also still played good.

Q. What made the difference, because after the awkwardness of that front nine, you got on a run of three birdies in four holes.
HAOTONG LI: Yeah, actually front nine just means like three or four times birdie chance, like quite close. Back nine, I don't know, probably just lucky back nine for me.

Q. I think you're working hard at it. You deserve that reward, don't you?
HAOTONG LI: Yes, yes, always been not very hard but been harder than average.

Q. What did you think of the start of today, knowing that Thorbjørn Olesen was so far clear?
HAOTONG LI: Can you say that again?

Q. What did you think with your position on that leaderboard, knowing that you had a long way to catch him?
HAOTONG LI: Yeah, I think if I can be like top five after tomorrow, that would be great. Just want to get some cash and looking forward for next week.

Q. So do you look at the money, because there's a lot here.
HAOTONG LI: Yes, definitely. I mean, so many shot lead, who is it, Olesen? Yeah, he plays so well. Must beat him this week. Just play good myself and enjoy this week. That's all.

Q. What are you doing with your money, because you got a nice lot from the China Open?
HAOTONG LI: Probably when I get enough money, I will buy a dream car, yeah. But I've got Mercedes sponsor right now, so they give me good car, also.

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