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November 5, 2016

David Horsey

Antalya, Turkey

DAVID HORSEY: Ground it out well to be fair. I didn't play particularly well. Still hit a lot of fairways. Played a little bit better at the end there and probably could have knocked a couple off towards the end. Pleased with the score really considering how I played.

Q. You say you didn't play very well. Obviously it's off the tee because the iron shots to me, the short iron shots looked pretty good. You knocked a lot of them in there tight?
DAVID HORSEY: When I put myself in position off the tee, my game is in good shape to attack flags and control my irons pretty well. A couple of loose wedge shots, as well, and didn't quite have my start line. Do a bit of work now and hopefully pull it off tomorrow.

Q. Thorbjørn is showing a clean set of heels, pardon the pun. How do you hunt him down tomorrow? How do you catch him?
DAVID HORSEY: Just got to go very low. Make a lot of birdies. But yeah, he seems to be in control of his game and ultimately we've got to try and put some pressure on him somehow and hopefully he'll falter.

But at the end of the day, we can't control what he does and just got to go out there and try to shoot a score and see what happens at the end of the day.

Q. He shot 62 yesterday. Can you do it trophy day Sunday?
DAVID HORSEY: It's definitely out there, so we'll see.

Q. Thoughts on how the day has gone?
DAVID HORSEY: Bit of a grind again to be honest with you. I didn't hit it in the fairway enough. But when I was in position, I hit some lovely iron shots, and a little bit loose with the wedges, as well.

Felt like I putted pretty well. Missed a couple of short ones but all in all, pleased with the score considering how I played.

Q. More positives than negatives when you look at the board?
DAVID HORSEY: Yeah, I suppose so. What is he, eight shots ahead? Realistically, we are going to need something drastic to happen on his part for us to have a chance but you never know. Go out there tomorrow and try and play a bit better and put a bit of pressure on him, start making a few birdies early; you never know.

Q. You can't afford to chase it too much.
DAVID HORSEY: Not really. The golf course stays the same, doesn't it. He's had a couple of very good scores yesterday and the first day to really put that distance between him and the rest of us. Played very solid again today.

It's difficult to compete with that. But no, there's a score out there, so if I can just stay patient and attack when I should be doing, yeah, we'll see what happens.

Q. You've won tournaments with very significant prize money but what's it like when you are in The Final Series and you've got the pot of gold to chase here?
DAVID HORSEY: Not really thinking about it, or try not to. It's fantastic that we've got these events at the end of the year to really make a difference. If you do well in them, you can really boost your Order of Merit, your Race to Dubai position, and your World Rankings, as well. It's a nice time of year to start playing well and hopefully we continue it, not just tomorrow but into the next couple of events.

Q. And the whole concept, is that nice, knowing there's something to chase at the end of the year?
DAVID HORSEY: Yeah, it is. There is a bit of incentive for the guys who are on the table so to speak, and if you can play well in these last few events, you can make such a difference to your position, Race to Dubai and World Rankings. Yeah, hoping to continue this form into the last couple of events.

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