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November 4, 2016

James Hahn

Las Vegas, Nevada

Q. Well-played out there, back-to-back 66s. What's going right for you this week?
JAMES HAHN: I don't know. I'm just going out there just trying to get the ball in play. I was telling my wife and my caddie earlier in the week that this course doesn't really fit me. Just trying to keep it in play and on the short stuff, and it's working.

Q. How is the condition of the golf course out there?
JAMES HAHN: It's great. Greens are rolling fast. Fairways are nice and firm. It's definitely a premium to hit the fairways. The rougher, you're getting some fliers, so it's hard to adjust how far they're going with the altitude. You know, it's playable, a lot of low scores. I didn't see 11-under out there yesterday, but apparently there is one.

Q. With your personality, I think you've got to be a guy that enjoys Vegas?
JAMES HAHN: Absolutely, yeah. I love the area. I love what Shriners is doing for the community and all that they're doing for putting the golf tournament together, so definitely big kudos to them, but who doesn't want to come out to Vegas and play golf.

Q. What are some of the things you like to do when you're here, away from the golf course?
JAMES HAHN: It's a family station, so I'm going to keep it a little PG. I like to go out and play bingo. Keno, that's kind of my game. But just, whatever, if you're older than 21, you kind of know what goes on in Vegas, so whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Q. You get in at 5-under par; what were your keys today?
JAMES HAHN: Keep it in play. The fairways are definitely firmer today than they were yesterday, so on the front nine, my balls were just rolling right through the fairway, flier lies. Any time you're missing fairways, you're going to miss greens, so my game was on point today, so that kind of kept me in it.

Q. Through two rounds how have you been able to carry over things?
JAMES HAHN: Just be patient. I know there's a lot of birdie opportunities out there. I didn't have a great front nine. I think I made the turn at 2-under and had a bogey early in my back nine. Knowing that there's a lot of birdie holes coming up, there's two par-5s on the back, a reachable par-4, I managed to birdie four in a row and that kind of got me back on track.

Q. When you see that 11-under posted by Rod yesterday, does that change how you attack this course knowing that there are a lot of red numbers out there?
JAMES HAHN: Right, it's very intimidating to know that someone started the round off at 11-under, and you're kind of doing math in your head and seeing what the winning score is going to be, but that's where my caddie steps in and that's where all the experience that I've had that the winning score is not going to be 44-under. You just go out there and hit fairways and greens, and it seems like the more you try to make putts, they don't go in. Just trying to be as relaxed as I can out there and have some stuff.

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