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November 4, 2016

Rod Pampling

Las Vegas, Nevada

Q. You bounced back nicely, a 3-under par 68 out there.
ROD PAMPLING: The hole looked really big yesterday, and I started out today, and I didn't think they'd cut them early on. I changed ball markers, and I knew I was playing good, so I just kind of threw out a new vibe, and it started to work. I knew it wasn't bad, it's just like it happened, so just let it go, and yeah, corrected myself and played nice after that.

Q. Maybe that good up-and-down for par at 16?
ROD PAMPLING: Yeah. You know, that definitely kick-started. I was disappointed in myself in that shot. I had a good number and just didn't commit to it enough. So yeah, to get away with a par was solid and get a birdie straight up afterwards. That definitely got things in the right direction, and as I said, kept going from there.

Q. Looks like the golf course is getting a little bouncy and firm out there.
ROD PAMPLING: There were a couple shots I thought were really good and they'd just kind of go through the back and so forth, but that's going to happen when you're in the afternoon groups. I'm more than happy to have that. It means you're playing well and you're in the final groups.

Q. A bit of a slow start for you, 2-over out of the gates. How did you turn things around?
ROD PAMPLING: I changed ball markers. It was an unlucky ball marker. No, it's just two silly mistakes that I made. I knew things were still good. Obviously I played really well yesterday, and it just had been solid. I didn't panic. I made a good one on I think it was our sixth hole for birdie and then made a great up-and-down on 16. That just kind of righted the ship, and then after that I was fine, and we played nice after that.

Q. It's so hard to follow up a low round with another low round. You had a 60 on Thursday; how tough was it mentally after that slow start to know, okay, I can turn this around and let things come to me?
ROD PAMPLING: Well, you've just got to trust yourself that you're playing well. I knew I had been, not just yesterday, the form had been good before that. I was confident in myself. I didn't panic. You can easily panic out there, and you shoot 2-, 3-over, and at the end of the day you're just scratching your head. I just relaxed, and I knew it was good, so I let it come to me, and it thankfully did.

Q. Through 36 you're in a great spot. What can you bottle up and try and use for the rest of the weekend?
ROD PAMPLING: Just the confidence that I've got from my game. You know, no one really in the groups this afternoon have gone super low. We're right there with the leader. I don't know if we'll finish there, but just the confidence I've got in myself. I can't worry about what anyone else is doing. I'm just going to do what I've been doing, which has been good enough so far to be tied for the lead, so hopefully in two more days it'll still be there.

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