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November 4, 2016

Moses Kipsiro

New York, New York

MOSES KIPSIRO: My health was not good.

Q. Your health?
MOSES KIPSIRO: Yeah, I was not feeling okay when I run Hamburg marathon.

Q. Was it cold or flu?
MOSES KIPSIRO: No, I had Malaria, typhoid. Everything was terrible. It came at the last minute when I was preparing. So I realize it, but there's no way I could do. I wanted to pull out, but they said, no, go ahead and try.

But hopefully on Sunday, I'm ready, and I'm prepared. So I'm looking forward to it, to run with these guys. I know for me I've been running track, and I'm now shifting to marathon. So everything it comes by.

Q. You live in Uganda?
MOSES KIPSIRO: We've been preparing in Kenya,

Q. Who coaches you?
MOSES KIPSIRO: My manager. And also Mike. He sends us the training program and all that.

Q. Do you feel like the distance is still a problem, too far for you?
MOSES KIPSIRO: Yeah, really, when you are getting -- when you are shifting from a shorter distance to a longer distance and everything, you have to make it come -- it does not come at once. This is something that you negotiate with it, and then you make it.

Q. What's your goal for Sunday?
MOSES KIPSIRO: My goal for Sunday is, if all goes well and you just sit here and wait for these guys running. The way they know they're moving because it's something still -- I'm still new in it. When y're not an experienced person, you have to wait. So that's what I'm planning for on Sunday.

Q. So world cross country, are you going to do that this year?
MOSES KIPSIRO: I would love to do it, but I'll still negotiate with my manager and also weigh the body, and if my body is okay, I will say to my manager we'll do the program for cross country.

Q. Should Americans come to Uganda to watch? Would it be a good trip?
MOSES KIPSIRO: Yeah, really. Yeah, actually you're welcome. It is so good.

Q. How come no one trains in Uganda? Why do you guys all go to Kenya to train?
MOSES KIPSIRO: In Uganda, we are still new. So we don't have good tracks for speed work.

Q. Don't have good tracks in Kenya either.
MOSES KIPSIRO: But in Kenya is more like they have modern tracks.

Q. Not enough people?
MOSES KIPSIRO: Yeah. Used to be like five athletes in the whole region. Now we are more than 100. So two years, three years to come, it will be big.

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