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November 4, 2016

Lucas Rotich

New York, New York

LUCAS ROTICH: Geoffrey called me and wished me good luck, told me about this race. It's a nice course although it's a tough one. If my training has gone well, I should not worry, according to Geoffrey.

Q. You've raced in Central Park. Did he tell you anything about the other parts of the course, places to pay special attention to?
LUCAS ROTICH: He told me that the first half really, if it's good, you push for the first half so that the second half it will be better for me and the other guys to run the course. First half, normally the runs at 67, but maybe if you run 65s will be good.

Q. Obviously, you're on a different schedule because he ran in August, but how often do you train with Eliud Kipchoge.
LUCAS ROTICH: I often train with Eliud Kipchoge most of the time although he had a different pace as he was running in the Olympics. The difference is not that big. It's not like I was relaxing at home when I was training. We were together in the training run. When he was in speed walk, I was not going to speed walk because I was preparing.

Q. Will Sunday be your sixth marathon? How many have you run? Five?
LUCAS ROTICH: I've run five, but the worst one was Chicago, which I run the poorest. Coming to this race, it was really to show that okay, maybe people look at this as he's not running good in major marathons. So I need to prove this Sunday that I put effort into the world major marathons. Not only the small ones, but I need to run in the major marathons.

Q. How has your training been going? I saw that you ran a half marathon and it wasn't very fast. How has your training been going?
LUCAS ROTICH: The half marathon normally I've seen my previous half marathon, I'll be running a good one. If you see when I was winning in the marathon, my half marathon was not good. Running Amsterdam marathon, my half was not good. So according to the previous marathon, it was not good, but we'll see on Sunday because I can say I'm fit enough for Sunday.

Q. Are you hoping that the race comes down to the last 10 to 12 kilometers?
LUCAS ROTICH: I need the race to go faster from the beginning. I hope so because I would like to push some guys so that we can run a good race.

Q. What is your goal for the race?
LUCAS ROTICH: My goal is to win. I think everybody is coming here to win. I do not come here I need to be number 5 or number 6, but I'm here to run good. To be on the podium is what I'm aiming this Sunday.

Q. Does that mean that you will push the pace from the start?
LUCAS ROTICH: Yeah, if the pace is going to be slow, we'll try to really push it. I know maybe there is somebody we can assist each other to really run because normally in this race the first race would be around 66 or 67. So if we run maybe 65 or under 65, then we'll run good.

Q. I'm sorry?
LUCAS ROTICH: We'll cooperate with the guys and run maybe 65 or something -- maybe we aim to run under 2:10.

Q. Do you train with any of the other Kenyans in the race?
LUCAS ROTICH: No, I don't have any other from Kenya that come to this race that we're training to go. All my training partners, they have missed the race. So it's maybe close to the season ending with the training partners. So it will be nice to close the season good because when we open this coming December, everybody is worried their status .

Q. In the training group, who is the most prominent person besides you?
LUCAS ROTICH: We have a lot of prominent athletes. I can say I'm the junior, upcoming athletes.. now we have Mutai. We have Kipchoge. We have Stephen Kiprotich of Uganda. And a lot from Netherlands. We have a guy from the Netherlands who train with us called Abdi. So my training company, I think is the best.

Q. Who is the coach?
LUCAS ROTICH: Coach is Patrick Sang.

Q. Oh, of course, same coach as Kipchoge.

Q. When was your last performance?
LUCAS ROTICH: My last performance was maybe a 10 kilometer in May.

Q. Healthy Kidney? Oh, yeah, you won here.

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