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November 4, 2016

Lelisa Desisa

New York, New York

Q. Lelisa, you finished second here. What do you think it will take to break through and take home the victory?
LELISA DESISA: Yeah, I come to New York City two times. Last year I get second place. This year I hope to get first position. That's my plan.

Q. How are you feeling in fitness as compared to last year?
LELISA DESISA: Last year is a lot of marathons. This year is not a lot of marathons. This year is better than before.

Q. You're in better shape?

Q. Is that because you've run fewer marathons?

Q. Do you think it gives you an advantage because Biwott and Ghebreslassie both ran in the Olympics?
LELISA DESISA: We don't know. We decide during the race.

Q. Did you do anything different in training this year as opposed to your past years when you've raced New York?
LELISA DESISA: The same training, but little tactics change.

Q. Like what?
LELISA DESISA: Just before I did sometimes wrong training, but I use the right training this time.

Q. How do you like to run the New York Marathon?
LELISA DESISA: I like New York City. It's one of my favorite races.

Q. What do you like about it?
LELISA DESISA: Yeah, before I enter to the marathon or before I start to the marathon, I saw the New York City Marathon by TV. Then during that time, if I enter into the marathon, I run New York City Marathon. It's my plan.

Q. How do you feel you weren't in the Olympics for Ethiopia? How did that make you feel?
LELISA DESISA: Because the Federation election.

Q. What do you mean by that? Just they didn't pick you?
LELISA DESISA: Because I am selected in team as number four.

Q. But were you upset by that, that you weren't picked to the team?
LELISA DESISA: Very, very, very, very.

Q. Who is your biggest competition this time around?
LELISA DESISA: It is difficult. You know, when you enter into the race, you decide because of the race, what your going to do. You run two hours something. In two hours, what happens? We don't know. We decide in the race.

Q. Because of not being selected for the Olympics, does that give you added motivation to really run well here?

Q. Do you think the Federation needs to change the way they pick the team?
LELISA DESISA: I don't know. It is personal. I have no idea. I forget it. Forget it.

Q. But would you like to see a trials race, or is that possible?
LELISA DESISA: Yeah, it is not now. It depends on the international marathons.

Q. Would you like it to be like that?

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