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November 4, 2016

Ernst Van Dyk

New York, New York

Q. Describe to me why New York is so fascinating for a marathon.
ERNST VAN DYK: New York is such a special race. It's one of the craziest places in the world, and it certainly puts on one of the craziest marathons. This marathon is really tough. I always compare it to a 12-round heavyweight boxing fight because that's what you feel like at the end. It gives you everything you can think of.

And usually, the guys, it's the last race of the season. Everyone is in really good shape and strong. It really brings out the best in all of us.

Q. Do you think this year you're ready to defend your victory?
ERNST VAN DYK: I'm ready. It's been a really long season because we were in Rio in September. Everybody is a little fatigued. It's the same for everybody. I think, again, we'll see a really close finish. The last three years, I was on the podium. So hopefully, I can do it again. On the day, so many things can happen. That's what makes the sport beautiful and so unpredictable.

Q. You compete for the victory can feel people around?
ERNST VAN DYK: That's also what makes this course so nice. As you're really getting tired and getting close to Central Park, the crowds just pick up and become so much, and there's so much energy. They basically carry you to the finish. If you turn, if you make the final right turn back into the park and you start to sprint, it's an incredible feeling. There's so many excited people. They don't really cheer for anybody specific, they just celebrate the sport, and they're going crazy. It's an amazing feeling.

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