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November 4, 2016

Aselefech Mergia

New York, New York

Q. You are one of ten children?

Q. What are the ages?
ASELEFECH MERGIA: I really don't know. I only know the age of the youngest.

Q. So you're not the youngest or the oldest? You're in the middle?
ASELEFECH MERGIA: I'm the fifth, in the middle.

Q. Do any of your relatives or your husband or daughter run?

Q. Who runs?
ASELEFECH MERGIA: My younger brother, my husband, and my brother-in-law.

Q. On a professional level?
ASELEFECH MERGIA: No, they're beginners.

Q. How has training been since London?
ASELEFECH MERGIA: Because I fell in London, I was injured. Then I really worked very hard to recover from that.

Q. What's the goal for Sunday?
ASELEFECH MERGIA: Well, I came to win. Anybody who comes to races like this come to win, and I am prepared to win. There are many topnotch athletes, but I am ready to compete with them.

Q. What was your injury, and how many weeks did you have to take off?
ASELEFECH MERGIA: I was hurt on my knees and on my shoulder. At that time, I was not feeling well for a while, but I am feeling better now.

Q. How long did you have to take off?
ASELEFECH MERGIA: Around one month.

Q. [ No microphone ].
ASELEFECH MERGIA: Both my right shoulder and my right knee. And also my chin.

Q. Have you raced since the London Marathon?
ASELEFECH MERGIA: 10 kilometers in Boston.

Q. Were you in Rio?
ASELEFECH MERGIA: No, I didn't go to Rio.

Q. Did you feel like you should have made the team?
ASELEFECH MERGIA: Yes, because they took somebody that I defeated and who was behind me. They left me and took her.

Q. Who was it?

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