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November 4, 2016

David Horsey

Antalya, Turkey

Q. What do you make of that over two rounds?
DAVID HORSEY: Yeah, pleased. Not played my best really today. A bit scrappy in places and sort of kept it together, ground it out and yeah, obviously birdieing 16, 17 were bonuses, really, with the flag positions and very pleased. Very pleased with my day's work.

Q. Flag positions, tough?
DAVID HORSEY: Some of them, yeah. They put them on top of slopes but I mean, some of the longer holes, as well, and you've just got to be precise with your approach shots, and you get on the wrong side of the slope, it can either work in your favour or it can run away and all of a sudden you've got a really, really difficult 2-putt. I hit it to the back edge on 10 and with that flag today, I had no chance of getting it close. Just got to make sure you miss it in the right places.

Q. Is that sort of thing necessary on a resort course?
DAVID HORSEY: The undulations?

Q. Just to make it tougher for you with the flag positions and things?
DAVID HORSEY: Yeah, I think they have got to. The rough is up but it's not that thick really. You can get a bit lucky with some lies, so they have got to tuck the flags away to make sure they keep us on our toes.

Q. Are you feeling good about yourself, the way the form has been of late?
DAVID HORSEY: Yeah, game's been good. Just been staying very patient, really, and trying to be disciplined with that and it's paying off. Today it could have maybe got away from me in the middle, a bit scrappy towards the turn and sort of held on and it came good at the end. That's golf. Just more of the same at the weekend.

Q. What does Final Series mean to you?
DAVID HORSEY: Just trying to take one round at a time. Not getting ahead of myself.

Q. Treat it just like a normal tournament, even though there's huge wealth at the end of the rainbow if you're having a good week?
DAVID HORSEY: Yeah, we don't think about that when we're out there, just focus on the game. The game doesn't change at the end of the day.

Q. Were you always coming here?
DAVID HORSEY: Yeah, for me, obviously the resort when you're here, once you're inside the resort, I think it's as secure as anywhere in the world. For me, obviously a few little bits you hear flying around what's been happening the last few weeks, months, yeah, it still didn't really put me off and I'm glad the tournament is going ahead because it's a fantastic venue, great golf course and weather to go with.

Q. Not a bad environment, is it, when it's getting nippy at home?
DAVID HORSEY: It is. Certainly rather be here, put it that way.

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