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November 3, 2016

Samantha Stosur

Zhuhai, China

C. GARCIA/S, Stosur

6-4, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: English questions.

Q. What do you think happened today in the match?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: Yeah, I think I got off to a really good start and was playing well. Probably from 4-1 I got a little bit tight and my balls started dropping a little bit short, and then that gave her an opportunity to step into the court and get more on top of the points and kind of gain control back.

I think that's really just what shifted it.

Then, you know, second set, again, good first game. Unfortunately lost serve. She always plays very aggressive and really goes for it. If you're not able combat that then it's going to make things very difficult.

But overall I don't feel like I played too bad. I was a little bit unlucky to lose serve in that second set. That's just the way it goes sometimes.

Q. Did you say tight or tired at 4-1?

Q. With Dave you didn't usually do a lot of on-court coaching with him. I saw Josh came down during the match.

Q. Is that part of the new arrangement and new partnership, that he wants to be more involved in the matches? What was the reasoning behind that?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: Yeah, we spoke about it the other day and, I don't know, we thought we would kind of use this week to try a few things out. We had only been at two tournaments together previously and one was the US Open where you're not allowed to do it anyway.

Yeah, I don't know. I don't know whether it's something we'll continue all the time or not. We kind of thought, You know what? This week we have nothing to lose. Let's try it, see what happens, see if we like it, and go from there.

Yeah, I don't feel like it hurt me by any means. I don't know if on-court coaching in general often changes the result of what's going on. It certainly wasn't a bad thing, so I guess we'll discuss it more over the pre-season and see what we want to do next year.

Q. Did you used to not like it? What was the reasoning for not wanting to do it that often before?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: Initially I was really against the whole idea. I didn't like it at all so I was never going to use it.

Then I feel like with Dave, you know, he was really strong about the player having to work it out themselves and that's how you're going to become a better player.

I think because you can't use it in Grand Slams that was a big thing, not to be reliant on having your coach come down and tell you what to do.

I can see both sides. For some players it really works and maybe for some others it doesn't. I think it's finding what kind of works for you.

Q. And moving forward, how do you and Josh leave this week? Do you feel good about the partnership? How do you feel about your game and how you're playing, at least in the practice court and moving on into the off-season?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: Yeah, I guess this week it's obviously been disappointing to walk away without a win, so results-wise, that's, yeah, not great.

But I feel like the way I've been playing this week in these matches have been better than the matches I've played in China and Hong Kong through the Asian swing. So I guess that's a positive.

I think you kind of have to break things down. If you just looked at it as a whole, Oh, it's another loss, another loss, you're going to get pretty disappointed and it would be very demoralizing.

I think if we can kind of break it down and be like, Okay, this worked well; this was a better change; this didn't work well; this is what we got to do.

I feel like we're pretty clear on what I've got to do, and now it's a matter of just getting out on the practice court and just getting better at it again. So there is no secret. You just got to get better and win.

Q. You're friend with Zhang Shuai, and she was affected by the crowd on court. What is your approach when you have to face such noise or just walk around, the crowd's behavior?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: I didn't understand the start, sorry.

Q. My question is. Zhang Shuai is your friend and she was kind of affected by the crowd's behavior, somebody walking around or just making some noises.

Q. Ask them not to do it. I think her emotion is affected by that. I just ask what it is your approach when you have to face that kind of crowd behavior?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: Look, I'm not -- when there is talking or people moving around it doesn't really bother me that much. I feel like I'm focused on what's going on on the court.

I know some people get really distracted by a noise or somebody moving; others it doesn't matter. I think obviously we have the way tennis is being played for a very long time.

But, yeah, I don't know. Doesn't really -- I mean, nothing out on the court tonight bothered me, so that's just for me that's okay.

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