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November 3, 2016

Luke List

Las Vegas, Nevada

Q. Luke, 6-under 65 today. If we can just get some comments on an excellent opening round.
LUKE LIST: Yeah. Got off te course, and I was already 111 down before teeing off. Rod had an excellent round. So I knew it was out there on this golf course. You can make a lot of birdies (inaudible). It was kind of a slow start compare actively and had a really nice back nine.

Q. That was quite a stretch on the back nine that you had there. Comment, other than the bogey on the 13, I guess, but comment on that stretch.
LUKE LIST: Yeah. It was nice I hole a couple of putts on 11 and 12. The par-5 was kind of boneheaded. I hit a beautiful drive and only had 7-iron in. I think the hole was like 600 yards. And just left it in kind of a funky spot below the green and just fluffed the chip. It happens with this grass out here. I wasn't beating myself up too much for that. I knew there was a couple of holes I could finish up with birdie, and I was fortunate enough to do that. Holed a monster eagle putt on 15, which was cool.

Q. Yeah, I was going to say, take us through that hole.
LUKE LIST: Yeah. I hit a beautiful 3-wood, landed about pin high, pin was in the front, just rolled to kind of the middle of the green and kind of had a roller coaster putt, and I got to see Shawn Stefani's chip roll by, so I had an idea what the break was going to do and just beautiful putting. It was lucky to go in, just trying to get it close.

Q. Just comment about being back here in Las Vegas and about the conditions that you saw out there today.
LUKE LIST: Yeah. The weather is perfect. Greens are perfect. Course is in great shape. So you'll see a lot more low scores this weekend.

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