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November 3, 2016

Felipe Aguilar

Antalya, Turkey

FELIPE AGUILAR: Actually every time you put a red number on the scoreboard the first day is good. You can only lose the event on the first day.

So I'm quite pleased with the round today. I played quite consistent. Hit a lot of fairways, hit a lot of greens and the greens are rolling absolutely perfect. If you get the ball on line, it makes it a lot easier to make a couple holes. But I'm very happy with my round today. Not big mistakes, and every time I hit a bad shot, which today wasn't very often, I had a good up-and-down.

Q. And the red figures came in a purple patch, didn't they, with three birdies, four holes?
FELIPE AGUILAR: Yes, coming on the back. So the par 5, the par 3. It helps. But you have to be patient out here. You have several holes that you can make birdies, but there are a couple ones very difficult, 10 and 11, they are very difficult holes. You have to try to make par and run away from those holes.

Q. When we are thinking this is the Turkish Mediterranean coast, you would expect this is just an easy resort course, but it has its defences, doesn't it?
FELIPE AGUILAR: It's very well prepared. They grew the rough a little bit. They overseeded, so it's got some grass in the rough, which is not very common for a resort course. The greens are immaculate. They are hard and they are fast. They have some movement.

But if the weather stays like this, the scores are going to be good. If the wind picks up, it might get a little more difficult because it's going to be difficult to hit it close.

Q. As there is that feeling of a Mediterranean course, is that something you like, with the connection of Spain and Portugal and all?
FELIPE AGUILAR: I love the weather like this. I usually love hot weather more than cold weather because of my back, it feels better. I like to sweat more than having a lot of layers on me otherwise I can't swing the ball. But every time we are here with this kind of Mediterranean weather, it's really nice.

Q. Does that mean the back hasn't been perfect?
FELIPE AGUILAR: Well, I'm old now. I'm not 20 years old anymore. So you know you have to wear a couple layers when it gets cold there and it's difficult to swing it, then the heart gets hard. I have to take advantage of this kind of weather because my age.

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