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October 30, 2016

Angelique Kerber

Kallang, Singapore


6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. I appreciate that it's going to be very disappointing for you, but are you able to look back over your year and actually come away from this feeling really satisfied?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: You know, right now it's like just few minutes after the match so for sure I'm a little bit disappointed after the loss.

But for sure I give everything. I mean, it was a tough year with a lot of matches, so I give everything on court today, the rest energy I had left.

Of course when I'm looking back it's one of my best years. I think when I will go home now I will just think about the best moments and the positive emotions.

Q. Was it fatigue today that made the difference for you?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: I don't know. I mean, of course it's different. I think I was not playing my best from the beginning. She played very well. I mean, she was going for it.

But like I said, for today I give everything. The goal was to play aggressive and win the match of course, but, yeah, sometimes you have such a days.

Q. Did you believe when she missed a smash on the third match point that that could be a turnaround for you?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: You know, I'm always believing I can turn around matches. Not always after this point. I know I'm fighting until the last point.

That's always how I am and how I turn around matches in the past. Yeah, I was still believing that.

Q. Looked like the first serve wasn't in the stadium for you today. Can you talk about that a little bit? Was it just rhythm? Shoulder hurting? Fatigue? What threw that shot off?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: I think I improved my serve in the past few months for sure. Of course today I was a little bit tired as well and I was feeling my legs as well a little bit.

It's the last match of the year, so for sure I'm not fresh like in the first match. Yeah, I tried everything. I give everything on court. This is always what is my priority.

Today it was not enough; it was not my day.

Q. Was there anything she did today that surprised you compared to the first match you played?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: You know, I know that she's aggressive; she was going for it, I think, from the first point until the last one. So I think that was, yeah, her weapon today.

Q. 81 matches. Are you physically and emotional exhausted at the end of the season?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: You know, in my mind I know that it's now over. Of course I had a lot of the matches, a lot of tough matches, and also a lot of great finals and great memories, yeah, what I received this year.

So of course now I'm ready for the vacation.

Q. You're disappointed obviously, but two Grand Slam titles and world No. 1 is not too bad. Serena is not here this week. Are you looking forward to renewing that rivalry again next season?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: You know, of course it's not too bad. Yeah, I'm looking forward to next year for sure. I mean, it will be I think a different next year for me, really special one, with new experience.

But I'm also looking forward to playing again against Serena, and, yeah, against all the other tough, yeah, opponents.

Q. Setting aside the silverware, what can you actually look back and say that has been really different for you to take into next year in terms of confidence, belief?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: Next year to taking?

Q. Well, confidence? Belief? What's changed for you apart from lots of trophies?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: You know, actually I think that I will go with a lot of confidence for the next year. I think it will be different because, yeah, I'm starting as No. 1. This is a new situation for me.

But I'm just actually not thinking too much about next year right now. I'm still here and I have still an off-season to work hard again, and then in this time I will actually thinking more about next year.

Q. You say you're looking forward to your holiday. Are you going to do anything different than you've done before? Longer or shorter holiday?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: No, I think I will do my off-season the same like last year. Yeah, maybe few days longer the holidays, but let's see. I mean, we will talk about this in the next days.

Q. What went through your mind on the final match point and the way it ended with the net cord? Could you believe it landed on your side? What was that like?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: I think this can happen. I know my match point against Simona that was also with a challenge. It can happen like that.

Q. Just looking back at your amazing year, is there one top moment?

Q. Top moment out of everything?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: Top. No, I think I had a lot of top moments. I mean, it's not just one. I have few of them.

Yeah, I cannot say just one. (Smiling.)

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