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October 29, 2016

Luke List

Jackson, Mississippi

Q. Luke, this was a brilliant performance from tee to green here for you; when a lot of other people see rough that you need to avoid because of flier lies, how do you approach this golf course and the way that you attack it tee to green?
LUKE LIST: Absolutely. I was fortunate today to avoid the rough for the most part. Got a little foggy there at the end, but I was fortunate to hit a lot of fairways today, and I'm like everybody else, trying to put the ball in position off the tee. Certain holes I can take advantage of my length, and certain holes I have to kind of throttle back, but I was swinging really nicely today.

Q. Being in this position, how do you approach the final day?
LUKE LIST: For me it's just being really patient, and the more chill I can be tomorrow, the better off I'll play, I know that. Of course there will be nerves. There will be nerves for everybody in the last couple groups. Otherwise they wouldn't be human teeing it up. I think for me, it's just going to be the same old game plan I had today, which was try to hit the ball in the fairway off the tee, and then I know I'm playing really nice, so if I can just kind of be patient on the greens, good things will happen.

Q. What was the key for you out there today?
LUKE LIST: Yeah, I found a lot of fairways, which was nice. For me, if I can get the ball in the fairway off the tee, then I can have some scoring clubs in there and dial it in close.

Q. Obviously last year a lot of moisture here, very soft golf course. No moisture out there at all. How tough is this golf course getting?
LUKE LIST: Yeah, it's definitely baking out very well, which I think is fun to play like this, because for me, when you do put it in the fairway you can control your wedges and not spin back too much. I like seeing the course baked out like this. I look forward to seeing the same kind of conditions tomorrow.

Q. A lot of players get to the TOUR in different ways. You've been on the TOUR, off the TOUR, back again. You seem to be very comfortable now. What's been the key for that for you?
LUKE LIST: Yeah, you know, for many guys it's different reasons, and a lot of guys come out of college and do really well. I feel like I've got all the tools, but I finally have the right people around me. I just got married in March, and I've got a great caddie and a great coach and great trainer and everybody. It's kind of that bubble of your team, and I just have such a good group around me supporting me, and I feel like I'm finally comfortable and doing everything that I'm doing the right way. It's fun. I'm just trying to enjoy myself and have fun out there.

Q. You're in great position headed into Sunday. What's the key for you tomorrow?
LUKE LIST: Yeah, just the more patient and chill I can be out there -- of course I'll be nervous and excited to compete for relatively the first time in major contention, so just trying to do the same thing, get the ball in the fairway and go from there.

Q. I know you were probably asked about it, but would you go through the last hole for us?
LUKE LIST: Yeah, that hole is one of the best holes out here, so to me there's like three or four holes that if you get a par, you're doing well on, and that's one of them.

For me, I've been trying to play a little fade off the tee, and I just kind of got a little quick on that one and pulled it a little bit and caught the cart path and was kind of in a weird position. I was kind of using the grandstands to my advantage there, just trying to hit it left of the pin, and I knew I would get a stop, and just tried to scramble from there.

Q. How far was your putt do you think?
LUKE LIST: It was probably five feet or so, just under maybe.

Q. And I was watching on TV, and it looked like you had somewhat of a hole to hit through the scoreboard and the tree?
LUKE LIST: Yeah, well, I called the official over because I wanted to check. You always wait to see what -- if they can give you a good break, then you obviously abide by the rules. I was very close. I was within a couple club lengths of being able to take a drop, but I was going left anyway and just laid it out to the left toward the grandstand.

Q. For the non-golfer that's a really hard shot. For someone like that is that a hard shot?
LUKE LIST: Absolutely. It looks like someone sat on my golf ball in the rough, and then you're trying to keep it low and have some stuff. Yeah, it's one of the toughest shots we face. I was just trying to get it over the bunker and just use the grandstand to my advantage, so I was fortunate to do that.

Q. The par on 18 kept you bogey-free, 65. What part of your game do you feel really confident with?
LUKE LIST: Yeah, everything is kind of doing well right now. I feel like I've been really -- putting really well for the last like month or two, so it's nice to see it do really well. The swing wasn't really there, but it's starting to piece together a little nicely, especially off the tee. If I can find fairways, I feel like I'm dangerous out there. For me, if I can do that tomorrow, I'll be -- that'll be an exciting way to finish.

Q. Did you scramble or have any other holes like that?
LUKE LIST: Yeah, 16 has kind of had my number all week. That's another one of those holes I said if you can get par and walk away from it, you're in good shape. Hit a really nice swing in there from the fairway, and that's the first time I've found the fairway this week on that hole, and just came up a little short in the bunker, so that was a nice scramble there for par, also.

The last couple holes weren't my best, but like you said, bogey-free, can't complain with that ever.

Q. Right now you're tied for the lead. What do you think about that going into tomorrow?
LUKE LIST: Yeah, to me I've got a number in my head, and a lot of guys don't do that, but for me I was playing that way the whole week, so I've got a number in my head. I'm just going to go out there and chase that, and if somebody beats that, then they deserve it.

Q. Several of the players said 20 at the start of the week; is that --
LUKE LIST: That's kind of where I was thinking, also.

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