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October 29, 2016

Trevor Bauer

Chicago, Illinois - Pregame 4

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Trevor Bauer?

Q. Trevor, when you go through the postseason and you haven't had a chance to go deep in some games because of whatever circumstances you've dealt with, how difficult is that when you're trying to, whether it's the curveball, your fastball, you're just trying to get back into a rhythm when you haven't had maybe the same workload that you've had in the regular season?
TREVOR BAUER: I don't think it's really that difficult at all. You prepare for the game the same way, and some games you go out there and you have a feel right away, and some games you go out there and you don't. So, for whatever time I'm in the game, I do the same thing. I try to go with what's working and find a feel for what's not. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't. So it's very similar to a regular season game in that regard.

Q. In your last game, Trevor, you gave up a ton of foul balls. A lot of them on pitches up, some actually up over the zone. Were a lot of those pitches that you're actually pretty happy with that, they should have been balls-in-play outs or were you missing location?
TREVOR BAUER: I definitely missed location quite a bit last game, and there were some that I was trying to elevate. But I think I gave up an abnormally high number of foul balls overall just all season. I don't know the numbers on that. I could be off base, but that's how I feel. So that's something I'm used to.

Q. From talking to Tito, it sounds like you haven't touched a bat. Are you confident the finger's not going to be an issue?
TREVOR BAUER: Yeah, I just went to the cage. Did what I would normally do before a National League game. Saw some pitches coming in, laid down some bunts and stuff like that. So it won't be an issue.

Q. Do you feel the finger at all when you throw? Or is that something you feel is behind you?
TREVOR BAUER: No, I don't feel it at all anymore.

Q. It looked to me like you were shaking quite a bit during that game early, whereas, I think Josh Tomlin would rarely shake. Did you see things or feel things where maybe you wanted to go away from a game plan the other night?
TREVOR BAUER: I think if you look back at all the news articles throughout my whole career it's pretty widely known that I shake off. I think my first Big League start there were issues about that, so it's kind of been there the whole time in my career.

It's just part of the game, you know, try to go with what I'm confident in and follow the game plan to the best of my ability and see what happens.

Q. Trevor, in general, just the emotion that you feel when you go out in a World Series game? Is it any different than a playoff game or a regular season game or is it even heightened that much more?
TREVOR BAUER: No, actually, I had more of an adrenaline rush, I think, for the first start of playoffs at home against Boston than I did in my last one. It was just like any other normal game, to be honest. Obviously there was a lot of hype around it, but when you get out on the field, it's the same game of baseball I've been playing since I was 4 or 5 years old.

Q. When Tito's making all those moves last night, you seemed like such kind of a student of the game. Were you kind of watching him and marveling in all that was going on?
TREVOR BAUER: I don't really marvel a whole lot. I'm definitely interested in it, trying to figure out, think along with him, figure out why certain things are being done and why certain things aren't being done and just try to understand it all. It kind of keeps my mind occupied in a game, so I don't sit there getting nervous for everybody else on the field. It kind of helps keep my heart rate down and keeps me mentally involved.

Q. Trevor, I know you haven't pitched on the road in a World Series game, but obviously you'll have a preponderance of the crowd against you, a hostile crowd. Do you enjoy that challenge of having everyone against you?
TREVOR BAUER: Yeah, definitely. The best part of it is hearing them all leave silent, you know. There's a great crowd here. There have been great crowds on the road during all the playoffs. Being able to overcome that and win is a very rewarding feeling.

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