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October 28, 2016

Coco Crisp

Chicago, Illinois - Postgame 3

Cleveland Indians - 1, Chicago Cubs - 0

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Coco Crisp.

Q. Knowing that they brought you over here for these kind of moments, how good has it felt to come up with so many big hits here in the postseason and do exactly what they brought you here to do?
COCO CRISP: Right, it obviously feels good. No matter if you get the big hit or lay the bunt down, you want to do something that can possibly help the team. Fortunately enough for me today, it was the hit. But whatever I can do, defense, maybe a conversation and just try to help out in any way possible.

Q. The wind blowing out, you're at Wrigley Field. Did you imagine any situation that this would be a 1-0 game?
COCO CRISP: Not after BP. We're out there and the balls were flying all over the place. I even hit a few out. So I didn't think that. I thought it might be a little higher-scoring game. But on both sides, the pitchers did an amazing job tonight, and we just end up getting the victory because of the one run. But what a well-pitched game.

Q. You guys coming in, didn't know if you guys had joked about it being a Cleveland-versus-the-world type of thing, with a lot of attention on the Cubs and you guys felt like the other team. To come in here today and win a 1-0 game, going head to head, using a ton of players, what's that feel like for you guys as far as the confidence going forward or just what you guys were able to do tonight?
COCO CRISP: Right, "Cleveland against the world", that's kind of been the motto. Coming here and seeing all the blue in the stands and all the blue that was at our ballpark, you know the support for the Cubs is worldwide. You know what you're dealing with coming into the game, and our fans do a great job of supporting us as well.

But coming in here and getting the victory tonight is big for us. I think our clubhouse is loose; regardless of any situations, wins or losses, we come in the same way. But it's always nice to get that victory.

Q. You're two wins away from a title. Is that something that's hard not to think about?
COCO CRISP: It's better than three wins away, that's for sure. You know, I've been getting text messages and my phone's been blowing up. I don't think I've had more than three or four text messages at a time after a game prior to the playoffs, and now it's like 30, 40. Everybody is kind of saying it, "Two wins away! Two more!" So it's something that I think about because of that, and obviously you know.

But still got to take it game to game and come out and try to do your best tomorrow.

Q. I know it was a while since you broke into the Big Leagues with the Indians, but how special is this to come back kind of to your original Big League home and be part of this?
COCO CRISP: Right, in the Big Leagues I came up with the Cleveland Indians and we had some amazing players and amazing teams back then. I thought we might have had an opportunity to make a run like this, and we fell short, and I ended up getting traded and kind of moved on.

But I feel blessed. I have a lot of love for this franchise and the fans in Cleveland. They've treated me so well over the course of the time that I was here the first time, and are treating me well this time around as well.

But to be in this situation with the team that I broke in with is a very special feeling for me, because I have a lot of love for -- everybody has a lot of love for the first club that they break in with. But I think being able to ride the wave that these guys started and being a part of this franchise at this time of the year is truly a blessing.

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