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October 28, 2016

Kevin Streelman

Jackson, Mississippi

Q. Kevin Streelman still contending here at the Sanderson Farms Championship. A little bit different day today than yesterday. Just a few of the holes, like 12, where some mistakes cost you. Is that the difference?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah. I hit it in the rough there. It's a hole you just can't hit it in the rough. I was trying to hit it over the green and give me the angle to chip back and caught a live wire and flipped me in the water. But that's the difference on this golf course. The rough was thick. You have to be at the right angles. Yesterday I drove it perfectly and kind of gave myself really short irons and wedges everywhere, and today was just enough where I was getting some bad lies. And it's a game that I love, man. But it's great to still be in contention and have a great week and I can still get it done.

Q. Overall we know you on the golf course, but we're getting more familiar with you now on the "Driver Versus Driver" series on Golf Channel as a guest judge. Tell me about the experience of being able to see design from this perspective and the thought about actually taking that driver and putting it into play.
KEVIN STREELMAN: I've always gotten a kick out of that. I used to work at Golfsmith when I was a kid, you know, learned how to regrip clubs and reshaft clubs, and I always got a kick out of grinding a little bit out of my wedges and just messing around. And I enjoy that. This has been perfect, and being part of the Wilson family has been awesome as well. They really listen to our insight and trust our knowledge. And when something looks right to us, we let them know and they really come through on the next clubs. So this is even starting further down the line where we've had some input right from the CAD sketches, and to see those when we're back at ^ Cantigny and to see those and see them come to fruition and then actually test them was very cool. So the upcoming episodes are pretty fun. I tell you, I've been fortunate to get the final and I can't discuss which one it is, but it was terrific, and it's going to make some waves here in the golf industry.

Q. Will we see you hit it?
KEVIN STREELMAN: I hope so. I've gotta spin -- they're keeping it under lock and key. I've done some testing back home in Chicago with Wilson, but I haven't been able to take it on the golf course and play with it just yet, but after Thanksgiving, after the final airing on November 22nd, I'll get one. I basically have them waiting for me in Chicago. It'll be shipped out that day and I'll get to work on it out in Scottsdale and hopefully put it in play at La Quinta.

Q. Well, he's a star on the weekdays, the weekends on the Golf Channel and also on Tuesday nights here on Golf Channel as well.
KEVIN STREELMAN: It's been fun. Thank you.

Q. How do you feel about the second round?
KEVIN STREELMAN: I was a little disappointed the way I hit it. It's a golf course where if you hit it in the fairway you can attack all day. If you don't, you're just trying to recover. Today I didn't hit the amount of fairways I did yesterday and paid the price for it, but I'm still in contention and still in good position going into the weekend.

Q. How do you feel about the weekend?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Feel great. We kind of figured something out, I think, in the last few holes, myself and my caddie. And have a nice lunch and tighten it down and go watch the Cubbies win the World Series.

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