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October 27, 2016

Kevin Streelman

Jackson, Mississippi

Q. Solid playing out there; 9-under par 63, 13 of 14 fairways, 17 of 18 greens, 10 birdies. What happened with the one bogey out there?
KEVIN STREELMAN: I don't know. I don't want to think about that. I know my pro-am group is going to be mad at me, though, because I didn't play that well yesterday. I was holding out for the week. But it was a good start. The Cubbies had a good night last night, felt inspired waking up, and I had a nice sleep. I missed -- this was the first time I left the kids, and they kind of recognized I was leaving. It was a tough trip. Miss you guys. We'll see you for Halloween, and it was a good start.

Q. What was the key for you today?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Obviously putted great, and as you said, I hit it really well. I got a little video from my coach, he gave me one or two things to think about today, and one of them just really, really clicked, just trying to feel a little more rotational and not so kind of under and throwy, which is a tendency of mine. I just was covering the flags today. It was fun.

Q. You mentioned the putter. You switched to a face-balanced putter. What led you to that putter?
KEVIN STREELMAN: I'm always messing around with stuff. That one, that particular one, I saw Henrik do all right with that. I saw Luke Donald do all right with that and Aaron Baddeley, switched to a little bit of a -- those guys are pretty good putters using this, so I thought I'd give it a shot. It feels nice and forgiving to me.

I was kind of also before the round changing a little thing in my setup and the way I was kind of doing my approach to the putt. It all kind of clicked.

Q. You finished with seven birdies at Travelers, you shoot 63 today. What was better?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Well, that final round at Travelers will probably go down as my favorite moment on the golf course.

Q. Just one off the course record for Kevin Streelman with a 63. For you, we know you can be electric, obviously the finish with the seven straight birdies at the Travelers Championship and your win. What was the feeling like today getting it to 8-under through 12?
KEVIN STREELMAN: That was just kind of fun to me. That's what we do this for and what -- certain days when things click. I think we all have them in the game of golf, whether we're trying to break 80 or 100 or 60. But today everything just kind of clicked. I got a little tip from my coach before the round, and I just tried to feel a little bit more rotational and on top of my shots, and I just got the club in front of me, and I was just up and down the flagsticks all day. Hoping that feeling can continue the rest of the week, and watch the Cubbies this weekend. That inspired me last night; Jake pitched awesome, and pretty stoked for Chicago right now.

Q. There's a lot of inspirations and local knowledge. I know your caddie A.J. Montecinos is from Jackson State, and I saw him walking around this golf course on Tuesday. With all of that, what changed in your outlook, what changed in a way to conquer the course after not making the cut here last year?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Well, I didn't play as well on Friday of Napa, the Safeway, as I wanted to, and that's why I added this event to my schedule. It was a tough one leaving because the first time my daughter Sophie kind of recognized me leaving, and it was tough. But I said, if I'm going to be gone, I'm going to try and do something really good. It was a nice start, and still just a start, but hopefully I can get out after it early in the morning and just keep pushing.

Q. Excellent start; just get your comments on your round.
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah. It was pretty flawless ball-striking to be honest, hit a lot of fairways. I think I heard 11 out of 14, and then 17 out of 18 greens. I got a little tip from my coach to a little thing I was doing in my swing that really connected today and got me really on top of the pins pretty nicely. It's just a start, but the putter felt great today. Last year I didn't putt that great but felt like I hit it pretty well, which was frustrating for me, but I've worked really hard at it, and like I said, I wasn't originally planning on playing this event, and after I had a disappointing finish on Friday at Safeway and decided to add this, now I'm really thankful I did.

Q. You had that run there of like eight birdies in 11 holes or something like that. That had to feel -- what was going so good during that time?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, just I kept hitting it inside 10 feet and just making all the putts to be honest. A couple par-5s I stuffed it there on 11 and had a good look at eagle and a couple tap-ins, but for the most part, solid ball-striking, leaving it below the pins, and then making some nice 10- to 15-footers.

Q. Some of the guys have said that the greens are playing really well right now. What makes them so good?
KEVIN STREELMAN: They're magnificent right now. They are just great greens, keeping great membership here. They've taken great care of it. And obviously the weather has been I'd say optimal, as well, where last year it was so difficult. But they really have this place primed right now.

Q. The low scores, is that the biggest factor?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, when you get PGA TOUR players on great greens with great conditions, there's a fair amount of wedges in our hands on this golf course, they're going to make some birdies. My thought at the start of the week was 20-under at least to start, plus lack of wind and just beautiful weather makes it more gettable.

I was thinking 20-under, but after my start, I hope I can push it a little further.

Q. Pretty inspired from the Cubbies last night?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, Jake pitched unbelievable last night. That was inspiring. I sat up and watched the whole thing. To go back to Chicago -- I was bummed I'm not going to be able to make it up there, but you never know. I told my wife, if I can get a really late tee time, maybe Saturday I could slide up there after I'm done tomorrow. But I don't know. It might be up in the air. It's going to be amazing.

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